Extra Life 2015

WB is Now the Worst AAA Publisher

UPDATE: I may have been a little hard on the guys... I cant forgive the dishonest bullshit, but they just offered another first to make up for it. It seems according to a new update, they are offering refunds on physical copies of the game... a game, I might add, locked to your Steam account. Not sure how that is going to work, but... if they can make good on this promise, it is a good first step to regaining the trust of every consumer fucked over by this.

I know how bold a statement I'm making and how stiff the competition is. After all they compete with "micro-transaction EVERYTHING because it makes mobile gamers feel more welcome" EA, "Release cut-back games despite showing the features at E3 and still being on the disc in the name of parity" Ubisoft, "Pay for our DLC even though it's not really DLC, but content on the disc already that you are just unlocking" Capcom, and even "Fuck you all, slot-machines is where it's at!" Konami. But WB may have out-scummed the scummiest of players in the AAA game, because at least these assholes were all honest with us about what they were doing.

From the "Yes, These Morons Exist Files" The New "Metroid"

How many times do we have to do this dance, people? Seriously, I want to know. Last time I had to write on something similar to this, it was assholes who couldn't stand that people who weren't using their choice piece of plastic were going to get the chance to play Grand Theft Auto V. Since then, we have had at least 3 major attempts to remove games from markets, but over ideological/political reasons, most of which were in the past few months and by people freakishly dedicated to believing their narrative. I just don't expect anything more well reasoned from them and in fact, I fully expect more of this bullshit as major games from E3 like the new Doom get closer to release.

But at actual gamers who are passionate about the game and not some social bullshit seemed to have learned better, right? After all, when the closest thing I can see since that petition was public outrage from the same group that PCs using Windows 10 won't have to pay to use XBL Gold like they do, it would seem the community has realized it was a bad idea and do not want to do it again, right? Right?

Bard's Tale 2004 (PC) Review


Wow... where to even begin with this game. When I finished with Axiom Verge, I decided something funny might be a good idea. This would prove to be a terrible decision, bad enough in fact this is the first game since setting standards of how long a game is played for this site, that I had to force myself to play the minimum 8 hours before I stopped playing and shit all over it. I basically only made it because I could stream and make fun of the last few hours live. So how did it get fucked up so bad? Well, step inside....

Extra Life 2015 Update I


On November 7th, gamers around the world will unite to help beat back childhood diseases, and we will all need your help to do it, so I'm hoping you all keep the big day free. As per our usual, Red Sector will be taking part in the big event called Extra Life, and just as last year we will still need your help to do it. We have a few big updates to the night I want to share with you all, involving how you can help, updates to the raffle we have planned, and even the start of the plans for the night, so please... step inside.

PC Gaming Just Got Easier.... Again: Valve has a Return Policy

This is unexpected. As in I probably would have expected my cat to make me scrambled eggs for breakfast before I went to work more then I expected this to happen. But yesterday I came across a story from TechRaptor in my Facebook feed, saying that Steam now officially offers refunds for games. Are you floored reading that? I know I was. But I also know that since Steam is basically THE big PC game seller in town, this makes buying for the platform a WHOLE lot safer for a whole lot more people.

Axiom Verge (PC) Review


Here we have it. Once again, this year has a few must-plays for me on the way, and Axiom Verge is the first one. Unlike last year, however, this one took me by surprise. I had no idea it was even in the works until it released for PS4 back in March. When I saw the first screenshot of a giant head looking down at your character from where it was connected by bio-technological tubing straight out of some nightmare induced hybridizing of Alien and Akira, it had my attention. From there, everything I saw and heard only sold me more and more on the game, and when it launched a few weeks ago on PC, I had to pick it up day 1 and start playing. I've now finished and overall, I have to say this was an amazing title that more will need to play.

Why I Won’t be Buying Capcom Games Anymore (Updated)

UPDATE 2: As of now, it seems Mr. Joy has been able to reach Capcom PR who have assured him this issue is now resolved, as he has reported in his article on TechRaptor. He has been able to play and it looks like his not the only one. The only remaining potential caution is to not change the language of the game before you put in your key during this activation, but finally, it seems after months Capcom is finally making good on the purchases of their audience.

UPDATE: Since posting this article, I have been in contact via Twitter with both the Don Parsons, News Editor at Raptor and Shaun Joy, the author of the article I sourced at the same site. Since writing, the only company to get back to Mr. Joy has been SecurRom, who basically wrote an email back telling him they do not have the account in their database, so they can not fix the issue. Valve and Capcom have been dead silent. You can see the email in an update to the Techraptor article, as well as the current updates of his case in this Youtube video:

Cuortesy of Mr. Joy
In addition, that article also contains a link to a SteamCommunity thread as well as a pic from it where Capcom has said they are aware of the issue and have a knowledgebase entry on their own site about how to fix this. This “solution” is EXACTLY WHAT I SAID IN THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE, supporting the theory of how this happened and how Capcom is “fixing it.” I hope Mr. Joy can get a lot faster results then I have heard from the reviews of the game. But from my perspective, this only pushes me to place most of the blame on Capcom, a small portion on Valve for not kicking them off the store by now, and none on SercurRom (since really they are the only ones doing what they are paid to here).