The ESA Wont Let History Be Preserved (Fuck Them)

I really could sum up my entire feelings on this issue with one rude gesture, one table flip, and telling off the ESA (or Entertainment Software Association), but that wouldn’t be doing you or me any good, as it would explain nothing. So let me explain how the organization who is supposed be used to protect and allow for games to continue to be made has taken a stance to try and kill off gaming history.

Extra Life 2015


Yes indeed, it’s time again to announce our participation in Extra Life once more! If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know we have been Extra Lifers since this site was founded, and if you are a friend of mine personally, you know I’ve been one since it was founded by Doc of Sarcastic Gamer fame. Back then, it was touching to be part of such an endeavor, but over the years, it has only grown and become humbling as well.

But for those of you who have not felt the touch of this awe-inspiring event, what is Extra Life? Come on in and have a read about one of the best things I have ever had the honor of getting involved with as a gamer.

Guild Wars 2 (PC) Review


This is a title that I probably should have played a lot sooner, but had a very unfortunate history that prevented me from doing so. For starters, the game it’s a sequel to (the original Guild Wars) kinda sucked. I played it back in the day because my brothers bought it to play together and none of us were ready to fork out $15 a month to play “just one game.” Even then, they were leading me down bad paths, it seems.

But it still took place in a rather interesting fantasy world, so when this sequel was announced and it was promising to fix all the issues and STILL have no monthly fees, I was willing to listen. When I found out you could play the Charr, the feline race you were fighting for most of the original game, I was interested. And by the time the game launched, I was ready to go. Unfortunately, it launched about a week before Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and a month or so before I was going on vacation with the folks to visit family across the country. It’s day simply never game and it sat on my shelf for a few years.

Fast forward to a few months ago and I found myself without any “must play as they come out titles” since the Halo game I had bought to play with my brothers was not ready to play and while Venom was on the horizon for Marvel Heroes, he wasn’t there yet. I came back to this game, playing it seriously for the first time and dedicated what I should have the first time.

Unboxing and First Impressions Forced/IndieBox (PC):

Hey everyone. Well, it’s been almost a week since PAX East went by, and I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled with it. It was ok, but, really, for me it was too big… anything I could want to do was probably going to require me to waste hours in line, be it play something huge coming out (like the expansion to Guild Wars 2 being demonstrated there) or meeting a few of the youtube people I watch regularly (Im a big-time fan of Markiplier and James Rolf (aka the AVGN)). In short, I got a very “Otakon” feel of the event. Fun, but just not as good as I wanted.

Still, I didn’t leave empty handed. A small company named IndieBox was sitting in one of the corners of the main floor, and it was actually my brother who found it and wandered in first. This alone was a surprise because he really doesn’t play PC games… at all, but it was also a pleasant surprise because I’ve been watching this small company with interest, but suspicion.

Journo Mentality Boiled Down in One Petition

Why do people INSIST on proving me right in the worst ways possible? Seriously, why? Once again, this is related to Gamergate, as the websites who have become known for claiming “gamers are dead” have continued to show their arrogance and complete disregard for anyone unwilling to toe their mentality. However, this story starts with a petition and one man’s attempt to “heal the rift” that currently exists in the gaming community.

Halo Master Chief Collection (Xbox One) Review

Halo picture sources Screenshot 2014-12-28 23-15-25

I can not say the Xbox One has been a great experience for me so far. At this time, I have bought two games for it total. The first was Destiny, which if you have read my review of that, you know I was not exactly thrilled with it. Still, I bought this machine to play with my brothers, and they immediately began getting excited about another game coming out, or rather four older games coming out together. Together, we pre-ordered Halo: Master Chief Collection.

We tried to play it day one, but as anyone who either has the game or looks at gaming sites knows, it did not launch in a respectable form. Any kind of multiplayer was fucked up beyond being playable, co-op or vs. And while Co-op seemed to work to some degree in a few weeks, it took about a month for vs gameplay to be worth anything. I would honestly argue this is the single worst launch I have ever seen, and I was one of the day-one purchasers of SimCity 2013. But things are finally starting to settle and it seems like the multiplayer is finally working well enough to use from time to time, so it was time to pop the disc in and play!

Clearing the Air and Valve Working On Greenlight

Hello and good day out there. While the Greenlight issue is why I am writing in the first place, I wanted to clear the air in a few questions brought up here prior. Admittedly, when the “uncaring” (yeah, right, how many posts have they left now?) troll asked about me not covering major fuckups in the gaming industry, I was snarky as hell rather then answering. I don’t apologize for that, nor will I. A troll is a troll is a troll, but even so, he did bring up two good examples that I would like to answer now before I take a look at Valve’s latest actions in their utility to let gamers choose some of the library they get access to.