Journo Mentality Boiled Down in One Petition

Why do people INSIST on proving me right in the worst ways possible? Seriously, why? Once again, this is related to Gamergate, as the websites who have become known for claiming “gamers are dead” have continued to show their arrogance and complete disregard for anyone unwilling to toe their mentality. However, this story starts with a petition and one man’s attempt to “heal the rift” that currently exists in the gaming community.

Halo Master Chief Collection (Xbox One) Review

Halo picture sources Screenshot 2014-12-28 23-15-25

I can not say the Xbox One has been a great experience for me so far. At this time, I have bought two games for it total. The first was Destiny, which if you have read my review of that, you know I was not exactly thrilled with it. Still, I bought this machine to play with my brothers, and they immediately began getting excited about another game coming out, or rather four older games coming out together. Together, we pre-ordered Halo: Master Chief Collection.

We tried to play it day one, but as anyone who either has the game or looks at gaming sites knows, it did not launch in a respectable form. Any kind of multiplayer was fucked up beyond being playable, co-op or vs. And while Co-op seemed to work to some degree in a few weeks, it took about a month for vs gameplay to be worth anything. I would honestly argue this is the single worst launch I have ever seen, and I was one of the day-one purchasers of SimCity 2013. But things are finally starting to settle and it seems like the multiplayer is finally working well enough to use from time to time, so it was time to pop the disc in and play!

Clearing the Air and Valve Working On Greenlight

Hello and good day out there. While the Greenlight issue is why I am writing in the first place, I wanted to clear the air in a few questions brought up here prior. Admittedly, when the “uncaring” (yeah, right, how many posts have they left now?) troll asked about me not covering major fuckups in the gaming industry, I was snarky as hell rather then answering. I don’t apologize for that, nor will I. A troll is a troll is a troll, but even so, he did bring up two good examples that I would like to answer now before I take a look at Valve’s latest actions in their utility to let gamers choose some of the library they get access to.

Far Cry 4: The Disappearing Game

Wow, Ubisoft just can not catch a break, can they? Yesterday, reports were coming in to Ubisoft and Microsoft that Far Cry 4 was no longer available on Xbox LIVE as a download. Not only that, but anyone who had bought the game got a message asking if they own the game when they tried to run it. I can only imagine the frustration when a game you spent $60 on refuses to work anymore, and in fact behaves like you didn’t even buy it to begin with, but that is the issue they saw.

Gamers Are Going to Have to Step Up Part 2: Hatred Edition (UPDATED)

Less then a month ago, I wrote the first part of this article. Since writing that, we have seen such motives in action. The day after I wrote it, the #Gamergte movement pushed a developer through Greenlight because some assholes online decided her involvement with it meant her game should not be sold. If you read the comments on part 1, we had a troll show up who didn’t like being told that OR that he apparently cared enough to post 6 of the 9 comments on that very article. It was amusing, but the really good news is this developer got through Greenlight because people have had enough of the SJW “do as I say or you don’t get work” bullshit.

But sadly, a darker event has now also occurred. Do you remember the game Hatred? It was announced a few months ago, and if you need a reminder, you can watch the trailer here, courtesy of PC Games. Now that you know what the game is, did you know it was on greenlight? I say was because Valve took it down, which is where I have an issue.

The Stanley Parable (PC) Review


Oh boy…where do I begin with this one. When I saw this game, it had my attention. I could not give one flying fuck about the awards I saw attached to it (which is a good thing considering recent events in the gaming world, it turns out), but the narrator, between his reactions to the player and the pure sarcasm that oozed out of his voice, I had to know more. So when the game went on a steam sale, I picked it up.

Having now had the time to play through this game and put down my mouse, I have to say, I’m glad I looked. This is not going to be a game for everyone, but I am going to do something I do not do for most other games I review. I am going show you a trailer… if it intrigues you, read on.

Courtesy of the Stanley Parable’s youtube page.

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventure: Fright of the Bumblebees (PC) Review


I have to be up front about this one. I remember when the game was launched and I had to try the demo for Telltale’s newest game. I was hot off enjoying Sam & Max Season 2 and seeing another franchise I loved, I had to see how it worked… and I was unimpressed. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t as good as what I had just finished playing by the same developer. So I let it go as not worth the cash and walked away.

A few years later, I picked it up dirt cheap on They were just starting to have summer and and winter sales to compete with steam, and frankly I decided why not for a few bucks. I have now taken the time to play the first of the four games in the collection, and while I’m satisfied with what I’ve played, I also kinda feel sorry that I took so long to play it. Right now, it’s a good game I have a hard time recommending because it’s only going to get harder and harder to get your hands on.