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Gaming has changed a lot over the years. From it's early beginnings when people were amazed to see two lines bounce a pixel between them and keep score to the rebirth of the industry when Nintendo announced their little grey 8-bit gaming box, to the huge team-based PvP games that seem to be cranked out by the dozen today. But while gaming itself has been evolving over the past several decades, it's only relatively rescently that gaming media has really begun to evolve in more then just it's gimmicks (like the internet destroying the use of demo-discs included with gaming magazines).

But this evolution is different. Where gaming evolved because tech allowed it, gaming media evolution is more forced as the times are replacing and making the old ways obsolete. And as such, over the past few weeks, the landscape has shifted again.

Case 005: SUBNAUTICA - Adrift in otherwise outstretching ocean with outcries and obscenities! ( 1st Impressions, PC)



Looking out over the quiet evening as it fades into the hustle and bustle of the sectors neon streets I often wonder if I’ll ever leave here. I mean seriously, when I think about it, I try envision myself on some far away place. Maybe just over that wall, in a new and untouched partition. I always wondered what’d that be like. To be the first program to set his code in a blank space.

Dreamfall Chapters (PC) Review

Dreamfall title
Before we begin this review, please keep in mind that is “ongoing.” While you can only install it as a whole game, it is being released in episodes without all of them being out yet. As such, this review will be updated as the others release and I play through them. Currently, this review covers the game with Books 1-4 out.

Once again, we delve into a title that I have quite a history with before we begin. Back when I was a senior in high school and graduating soon, I bought my first PC. Keep in mind, this is not the first PC that I owned… it was just the first one I bought completely on my own since my DOS based 486 was something I got help with the folks for when I was going into high school. But this one was special, as it was entirely my own doing. I had picked out a nice Pentium II by NEC and brought it home. Dubbing it Shodan, it was on this machine that I would be introduced to The Longest Journey, a point-and-click title with so much to it, it spanned 4 CDs, and to run anywhere near descent required you to install the whole thing to your hard drive.

So install, play, and finish this game I did… and when the sequel (Dreamfall) came out, I had that one as soon as I could get my hands on it too, but that one left me and every fan of the franchise it and the original had gained with a cliffhanger ending we would not see completed for over 8 years. Now, we are finally seeing the final chapter of the saga unfold… and it’s shaping up to bring the series to an epic conclusion.

Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU) Review

You knew I was in the moment this game was announced. I watched the trailers and every little bit of video I could with eager anticipation as soon as they were available, and in fact this game is the single reason I wanted a WiiU. And while I got the machine well before release, that was more to make sure I didn't lose backwards compatibility like later versions of the original Wii. So when the game finally came out in the beginning of December, I had the special edition pre-ordered and ready to go. Unfortunately, as I finish this title, I kinda wish I hadn't done that. Come on in and let's talk about this one.

Extra Life 2016 date announced and more

I'm not going to hide it behind the cut. This recently, a fellow ExtraLifer informed me of the official date of Extra Life 2016 while watching their twitch stream. (In case you are reading this, thank you, Zyaldar.) We are officially starting a 25 hour this year, and it all happens on November 5th and we will be playing right there with everyone else. Currently, the exact plans of that night are obviously going to be very up in the air as we have almost a whole year to plan it out. It's even completely likely that our location will be different as a few friends have already shown interest in hosting the marathon this year. But the details there will come clearer as the year progresses.

Beginning the New Year Proper with Extra Life 2016

You know the drill by now. Every year we have been here at the Red Sector, we have taken part in the amazing event that is Extra Life. Normally it would be a few months before we announced we were taking part, but that changes this year as Extra Life is officially becoming a year-round event!

And as of posting this entry we at Extra Life are making our entry official early as well. As of today, the team has been setup and we will begin collecting our team to help kids again in 2016. Last year this site had a hallmark year, bringing in $600! Can we match or beat that record? Well we sure as hell are going to try... and to do so, we will need your help.

Dishonored (PC) Review


When this game came out, everyone simply loved it, no matter what they played it on. For me, however, I honestly got the impression from the trailers that it was trying to be “Dark Half-Life” or something, and while I was interested in playing it, I knew it wasn’t a game I had to play right away. As a result it wound up something I picked up in a sale and then landed in the dark void known as the “steam backlog.” (And every PC gamer who reads this is now nodding their heads knowing EXACTLY what I mean.) Fast forward to now and I found myself expecting to be playing nothing but the newest titles in my “must play” list. However, that was not to be due to delays and in one case, the demo of a game being so underwhelming it dropped away. So, with some time to visit that void, I pulled this title out of it… and, I should not have ignored it for so long.