Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) Review

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This has been a long time coming. When Metroid Prime came out for the Gamecube, it was the single reason I came back to playing consoles, buying the Prime Bundle to get the black gamecube with that game and a bonus disc previewing the then soon to release Metroid Prime 2: Echos. When that second game came out, it was a birthday gift just before I finished the first one. This game would become my favorite game in the franchise just due to the villanous Ing and how much I loved fighting them. Hell, even the Wii was a Christmas gift (ok, an empty box with a promise to get one which would finally get in my hands months later due to scarcity) because Metroid Prime 3 was coming out for it almost exclusively, and I loved every second of that too, as again it was a birthday gift. To say this series is one I hold in high regard would be an understatement.

However, a few years later Nintendo released this collection with all three titles on one disc and reworked for the wiimote. Admittedly, I was interested in replaying the games, especially to feel how the first two play with the new control scheme. After all, FPS style generally benefits a lot by a pointer device. However, more important, I wanted the collector’s edition, as it would also mean having the trilogy in a metal case, which admittedly I’m a bit of a sucker for. But since I had played all three games prior, I let it slide into my backlog since I had a number of games (even then) I had never played at all. Recently, this changed, and I have now put down the wiimote after traveling through the Phazon story with Samus one last time. They don’t make games like this anymore… and it’s a damn shame.

Now, before we continue, I have to note this is a collective review. Since Metroid Prime Trilogy is three games in a single menu, I am covering all three in this review. I’ve split the review to cover each in turn, and the links below are shortcuts to each one.

Extra Life 2018 July Update

It’s been a while, and we have some updates to bring forward. First we are getting close to bringing in $200 as a team. This is pretty important as we want to keep bringing what we can to help the kids, so of course we would be honored if you helped us help the kids. If you would like to help the kids directly, you can sign up and get ready to play on the big weekend (Nov. 3rd) at the Extra Life website. If you can’t make the big weekend, that is ok. People will plan for alternate days, and really, it’s all in the spirit of helping the kids. Hell, if video games are not your thing, you don’t need to do that either. Any kind of gaming is fine, from sports to tabletop to video, we welcome it all. Just be ready to do it (or any combination there of) for 24 hours.

If you would rather donate to help, again, well… we are honored. Our team page is available on the thermometer image at the side of this website and thank you again for helping.

But I also come forward with exciting news. While we still have a few months, we are going to be doing the #100daysofgaming again at this site. Unfortunately, I do not know of any centralized site this year, but we will begin on the 26th to celebrate gaming and all the good we can do with it by daily stream, including once a week focusing on demos to ensure as much variety as possible! Hope to see you all there, and thank you for listening to this small blip on the site.

The Starship Damrey (3DS) Review

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a good mystery to uncover in a game. And to that end, I saw a lot of promise in this title when I picked it up for cheap money. I knew it wasn’t going to be a big game, but I was looking forward to figuring it all out. This week I was on a family vacation, and since I knew downtime would be fairly minimal, I decided such a short game would fit that little bit of time here and there well. Well, it did that, but not much else…

Crosscode (PC) Review

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I have made a point to avoid playing games while they are still in early access. My experience with betas have left me jaded when playing games that are not yet finished. But when I played the demo for this game a few years ago and I was already impressed. So when I saw news that this would be the last update before the game gets to full release, I decided I would take the risk. If they were so close, I figured the main story would probably be finished or close to at the very least. Unfortunately this would not be the case, but with the game getting every close to 1.0, I look forward to returning to finish this adventure.

Warframe (PC) Review


This review has been a long time coming. I believe it was about a year ago I started playing it, and to date, it is now the game i have spend the third most time with ever at just shy of 170 hours. So to say I had fun with this title is an understatement. And while I haven’t finished the game, I find my group has for the majority moved on to something new. So between that and some technical issues as of late, I think it’s time for me to jump ship too. But this is a ship I will have to come back to at some time.

The Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate (PC) Review


Two years ago, the Extra-Life marathon of 2016 saw the completion of The Legend of Kyrandia early on. It was a fun little point and click adventure that, while it had a major bug towards the end of the game, I enjoyed a lot. So when this game came up as one of the possible next games to play, it intrigued me. After all, the first game completed it’s story quite well, so where would the sequel go? And while I must admit aside from the lands involved, it went somewhere completely unrelated to the original title… but at the same time, it still fit as a descent sequel, if not a great one. Come on in.

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist (PC) Review


This is a game that came to my backlog quite randomly. At least once a week, I try to go through the list of games Steam wants to recommend, and this one charmed me. Between the writer having done The Stanley Parable, the trailer being just a touch bizarre, and description that was half written before the writer Tina just quit and left, I was intrigued. So I added it to my backlog on the spot.

So when a game I’m trying to complete became unplayable yesterday (online game that as I type this still seems to be under a DDOS attack), I decided I would open something new… and the dice chose this. They did not choose poorly.