Extra Life 2015

Pneuma: Breath of Life (Xbox One) Review

Pnemua_Logo_NewEye_BlackBG_JPEGIt’s been a while since I played through a game on the Xbox One. In fact the last time was early this year when we all played through Halo: The Master Chief Collection. And while the games on that collection were good on their own, that specific disc of them was found fairly lacking. And since then, the system has pretty much served me for Youtube, to chat with my brothers who use the system religiously, and as a BluRay player. I have not found myself playing it since just yet.

And then came Extra Life. Originally I had no intention of playing this game on the big day, as we were having guests over and I wanted as much social gaming as possible. But for whatever reason while I had chosen to test the capability of my main media machine’s streaming with this game. Now before anyone argues, yes, I know the Xbox One can do it on it’s own, but that is not the only console I have or expected to play with. It was just the one I had on at the time. And while playing around with it, it struck me… this was a game I was going to play through. And when everyone started to pass out at around 22 hours, I decided to continue my journey. I do not regret that choice, or the choice of finishing my marathon with this gorgeous title.

The Yawhg (PC) Review


As I’m sure you are aware, last weekend was the big one for Extra Life, and we at the Red Sector celebrated in traditional fashion. But in my traditional fashion, I prepared a lot more games then we wound up actually playing. But as the evening went on, we got to a small game I picked up on sale called the Yawhg. I already went in expecting something simple, but dark humored. Come on in and see what we got.

Extra Life 2015 Recap

The big weekend of Extra Life is now past us, and before we begin, I must apologize for the delay in this recap, even if it couldn’t be helped. But I will go into detail later. Suffice it to say, I really could only begin writing on this one about 3-4 days after we had finished.

Still, I'm sure the first thing on everyone’s mind is “How did we do?” Well, I think I can sum it up in one word: Phenomenal.

Extra Life Begins!

In mere hours, the big marathon is about to begin. As mentioned in several previous articles, today we begin Extra Life, a gaming marathon to help sick children around the world. As we get ready in the final hours, I have to once again say we are honored to be a part of this, and it’s still not too late to either donate to the cause OR enter into the raffle we are hold of Steam Games. If you haven’t donated yet to this event, you can do so by clicking the thermometer on the right of this site, selecting the member you want to donate to and clicking the donate button. And remember, tonight there will be a raffle where we will be giving away the games listed below. But before we list that, we have a few other links to offer:

http://www.twitch.tv/twitchwithjoe: Literal family of the site. They too will be playing in this marathon.

http://www.twitch.tv/megabyte114: our own steaming site. We will be doing as much of this marathon live as possible.

Now, onto the game list.

Transformers Devestation (PC) Review

Anyone who knows me knew the moment this game was announced it was going to wind up in my library. After all, I didn't stick with a lot of the franchises I loved as a kid, but something about the giant robots from Cybertron always stuck with me, and to see them now take form like they did when I was little was very exciting. But at the same time, as a fan of the franchise, I have seen many bad Transformer games over the years, so I watched cautiously... until I finally saw the game played by none other then "Motherfucker" Mike of Cinemassacre. I was sold, and as soon as I finished playing SOMA, I began playing.

From the "Yes these morons exist" Files: "Batman returns"

I should have seen this coming... I really should have. After all, this is the internet and Steam is arguably one of (if not the) biggest online community these days. After all, as I write this the most people logged into it at the same time has broken 11,000,000 within the past 2 days.... not have accounts, but simultaneously logged in. And we all know on the internet that forums for anyone able to say they are huge online will always have large doses of stupid injected into them.

SOMA (PC) Review

Happy Halloween everyone! As we approach this holiday, it seems appropriate to look for scarier games to play, and this is one I've been waiting years for. Ever since it was announced, I was looking forward to something that would redeem the name Frictional Games from what they let the Chinese Room do to it,I and with them working alone again, I had high hopes for this title. Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed. Please step inside.