A few words about Diablo III and DRM

With all the bitching about Diablo 3 always needing to be online going on, I figured it was time to clear the air and speak up on it myself… and I do not think the haters are going to like what I have to say.

Grandia (PS3/PSP) Review

Here's a game I have some history with. About ten years ago, I bought a used copy of this game at a local Gamestop to play on my PSX I had at the time. And I loved it.... right up until I was on Disc 2. Something about that disc just did not work. It was always crashing and freezing, and the day it froze when I was literally two attacks from beating what I thought was the last boss of the game, I took the disc out and never played again. I learned a valuable lesson that day about used games... never buy used games on CD. People suck at taking care of their discs.

So when this game got added to PSN, I knew I had to get it. I remembered loving this game back in the day, but I really wanted to see how it ended. Was it worth it? Why don't you read on....

Resistance 2 (PS3) Review

After the first game and hearing how much better this game was then Resistance 1, I was actually looking forward to continuing the tale.... that excitement ended early on, and even now I do not begin to understand how this game was rated as high as it was... unless the graphics and size of the deathmatch game blinded reviewers to it's GAPING flaws..... or they decided it was time to suck Sony's dick. Either way, I have bad news... this game was far from the greatness it was hailed as.