Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU) Review


You knew I was in the moment this game was announced. I watched the trailers and every little bit of video I could with eager anticipation as soon as they were available, and in fact this game is the single reason I wanted a WiiU. And while I got the machine well before release, that was more to make sure I didn't lose backwards compatibility like later versions of the original Wii. So when the game finally came out in the beginning of December, I had the special edition pre-ordered and ready to go. Unfortunately, as I finish this title, I kinda wish I hadn't done that. Come on in and let's talk about this one.

Extra Life 2016 date announced and more


I'm not going to hide it behind the cut. This recently, a fellow ExtraLifer informed me of the official date of Extra Life 2016 while watching their twitch stream. (In case you are reading this, thank you, Zyaldar.) We are officially starting a 25 hour this year, and it all happens on November 5th and we will be playing right there with everyone else. Currently, the exact plans of that night are obviously going to be very up in the air as we have almost a whole year to plan it out. It's even completely likely that our location will be different as a few friends have already shown interest in hosting the marathon this year. But the details there will come clearer as the year progresses.

Beginning the New Year Proper with Extra Life 2016


You know the drill by now. Every year we have been here at the Red Sector, we have taken part in the amazing event that is Extra Life. Normally it would be a few months before we announced we were taking part, but that changes this year as Extra Life is officially becoming a year-round event!

And as of posting this entry we at Extra Life are making our entry official early as well. As of today, the team has been setup and we will begin collecting our team to help kids again in 2016. Last year this site had a hallmark year, bringing in $600! Can we match or beat that record? Well we sure as hell are going to try... and to do so, we will need your help.