Guild Wars 2 goes Free... kinda...

Well the day has arrived. Many people have been saying that Guild Wars 2 will eventually become a free-to-play game simply because that's the only way any new MMO survives. However, when it takes 3 years to do this, I really do have to wonder how much satisfaction these people can have in "being right." But it has come to pass as yesterday a news article announced that effective immediately, Guild Wars 2 no longer requires you to buy the game before you can play it.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PC) Review

Last year, I returned to this series, eager to enough to see what was next that I actually bought a physical of Wolfenstein: The New order at launch. I had a great time with the game, but the ending just left so much wanting. And while I would have liked an expansion to come out to explain that rather sour last note, instead, the inevitable expansion turned out to be a prequel. Knowing this, I still found myself wanting the new part of what I still hold as a very favored franchis, but I did not feel the same rush to pick it up I did the last time.

Then Quakecon rolled around and with it, a sale I could not resist and a next "must play this now" sitting in my virtual shelf. And as I walk away, I find myself a bit more annoyed with how this one started, but a lot more satisfied with how it ended. Please, step inside.