Noted Releases II

Well it’s that time again, and we are ready with a few more interesting titles that have come around to gamers. Once again, some are brand new, and some have been around, but are now available in places they were not before… but all are interesting in their own right. So please, have a look, and check out anything you find more interesting….

GreenLight Special

And here is another new series we are starting on the Red Sector. As you most likely know, Valve has recently introduced a system in which users can collectively tell them what games they wish to see on Steam. In this article we will go through five select games currently waiting to be “greenlighted” and why they should get some special attention. If you agree with us, your upvote could be the one that lets us all see these games on a platform many PC users enjoy. But enough of an explanation… let’s get started!

Noted Releases

We’ve been thinking here at the Red Sector, and while we clearly have spent time talking about current news in gaming and what might happen depending on how it goes, we spend shockingly little time in the Now of gaming. And with 2013 already exploding out of the gates, this is a bit of a shame. To remedy this, we are beginning two new series of articles. The first of which you are about to enjoy, as we go over the releases that caught our eye, for whatever reason. Some will be for good, others for bad, but all to give you a heads up on what we have seen. Now, without any further adieu, let’s see the releases of this week.

How Would Digital Resale Work?

The question came to mind yesterday morning. I was just reading through my usual morning list of sites, and PC gamer had produced an article talking about how Valve is being sued in Germany over the inability to resell used games on their service. Now I’m sure a lot of you just scoffed at the very idea, and in fact that was my first impression as well. I mean, digital download means the only thing you own for good is the CD-key, and who’s to say that you don’t copy it someplace and use it later? Isn’t that why PC games in general can not be sold used and haven’t been able to since sometime around 2004?

But with a little thought, I came to the conclusion that this may not be so impossible to do, and in fact it may well be Valve who, once again, could lead the way! Curious? Step inside….