We are Curators!

If you play PC games, it’s almost a given that you have at least heard of Steam, and if you use Steam, I do not need to tell you about their updates from last week. For those who are not however, last week went by with absolutely awesome updates for it’s users, the biggest one in the software being a built in MP3 player so you can supply alternate music to any game you have without a second program running anymore.

But for those of us who use Steam as a store or want to help other find great games, Valve has re-built the store page itself and given users the ability to become “curators.”

How Do You Know You Are Winning? A #GamerGate Story

I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write on this again so soon, but I was pointed to a rather disgusting practice that surfaced recently involving this story, or rather people who oppose it. If you pay attention to this story, you already how traffic to the websites still standing on how gamers are shit is taking a nose dive, while others who have adjusted their ethics (shout out to Escapist, Gametrailers, and everyone with the Defy Media company) in the name of integrity on their site are instantly doing much better.

But now we have individuals who have made it their mission to make a movement about journalist integrity look as misogynistic as possible… by selling off coveted game codes.

My Personal Response to #GamerGate

Hi everyone. If you are reading this, you are probably a fellow gamer who is fully aware of the events surrounding the online movement currently referred to as #GamerGate. For those of you who do not know, this is basically an all-out war between gamers and game journalists that has been going for almost a month. To put this into perspective, the internet and gamers on the internet tend to have an exceptionally short attention span for current events. It is exceptionally rare for anything in the gaming sphere to be big news even so much as the next day so for this to be going strong this long is rather unheard of.

And going strong it is, even if one side (the journalists) are desperate to say it is not. There is no other explanation for the attempt to completely silence the story, outright abuse of gamers who have taken notice and offense to this (the gamers in this fight) and even the hashtag #GameOverGate as an attempt to claim victory and go home. In case you have yet to figure it out, personally side with the gamers of this debate, and having explained my position a few times now on a couple of sites, and even to a blogger who I once looked up to, but has since fallen heavily, I would like to put it down here once and for all so that I need not repeat myself again. Please note what follows is based heavily on my reply to this blogger.