Because Jim has it PERFECTLY Right

And I mean perfectly. In his latest video of the (in)famous Jimqusition series, Jim Sterling takes on the way fans become rabid and insist you are either with them, or against them about their favorite title. And, well, he couldn’t have nailed it better if he was Mr. Hammer, MC’s father who really earned the family their name as a carpenter. (Ok, I’m making that up. Don’t sue, Mr. Hammer… please. It was for fun.)

Citizens of Araxis Past! The Wait is Almost Over!

If you need a hint about what I was talking about, have a watch and get excited:

According to an article on Gamespy, the beta is officially opening up sometime between Monday and Tuesday... and those of us who were there back in the day are first in line! Time to shine your armor, soldiers. For the New Conglomerate!

Dear Console Makers: PLEASE don’t do this.

I’m writing this not as a fan of any one platform, but as a fan of gaming. We keep hearing rumors about what the “Next Gen” of gaming is going to do: and all of it seems bad. From download only to locking out used games, it seems like every story we hear isn’t even about how powerful the next gen will be (like we used to get each time a new one was coming), but how it is poised to bend over it’s fans and have it’s way with them.

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning (PC) Review


Well this was a long time coming. Almost a year ago, PC gamers got access to a pair of Indie RPG titles they had been forced to miss out on the year before. Sadly, the Xbox community also missed out due to the games being released as XBLIG titles: A little spot on the XBL service where anyone who is willing to shell out $200 can release titles or utilities with little or no over-view by the community.

On top of the rather obvious results in quality this will have, none of the games have that drug all XBL gamers seem to need in their games… achievement support. The result is these games were stuck in a shit-stain that Microsoft effectively covered with a plush run they took out of their bathroom: It doesn’t fit and no one wants to go near it.

When these games hit Steam, they were sold as a bundle, and I immediately got my hands on it to review “Cthulhu Saves the World.” I still stand by every statement in that review and highly recommend getting the bundle for that title alone. But how was the older game… the one Zyboyd Games made before they brought Chtulhu to light? Well, it’s time to talk about that.

Politics in Video Games

If you live in the United States, the idea of politics polarizing people is probably not very alien to you. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s gotten so bad that I can personally attest to hearing stories about how local stores were making policies in which politics could not be talked about at all in the office. This may sound reasonable to “keep the peace” but think about that for a moment. You can’t voice your view because it might piss off the guy next to you because you lean right or left? Really? But it wasn’t even for reasons that “benign,” but because customers were actually choosing to shop or not shop based on what some guy at a cash register believed in their political views….. and that was 6 years ago. Things have only gotten worse since then, and now it’s spread like a plague to our favorite hobby and the gamers we share it with.

PSO2 Announced for a US launch!

You heard right! First (that I know of) announced by PSO World, Phantasy Online 2 has officially been slated for a US release! I for one could not be more pleased at this news. To date I have an almost complete collection of the Phantasy Star Franchise for a reason… the whole thing rocks! And the original PSO is no exception. (PSO Episode 3 was… but I have a hard time considering a card game a main part of the series.)

Operation Supply Drop is on!

This is more of a special announcement then any real commentary on my part. But as anyone who has followed me along may know, I was a writer for Front Towards Gamer fairly recently. In being so, I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know some amazing people. How amazing? How about every month gathering donations in the form of games or cash get games so they can ship them off to troops on the field in the Middle East in the form of gaming packages. And as always, they are at it again.

Click here to check out the event. Come, donate, play with the team, and maybe even win something at the raffle! Have a good time, and know this actually is doing something nice for those who are out there so we don’t have to be.

Thank you for listening, and we may now all return to our regular gaming events.