Red Steel 2 (Wii) Review

Do you remember the launch of the Wii? Back in 06/07, the machines were next to impossible to find, even as people were only buying it for a few of it's admittedly large launch line up. Ubisoft's own sword fighter Red Steel was among these games, but with the poor reputation it was earning, no one was interested. Fast forward to 2009 and Red Steel 2 came out promising to do much better between the add-on the Motion Plus it required and generally more effort. At the time I wasn't willing to take a risk on this game due to the fact that to play I would have to buy the new add-on to play and not being the biggest fan of westerns.

A few years later, however, I got ahold of the add-on for the controller for reasons that now escape me, and stumbled on a copy of this game still sitting on the shelf pretty cheap, so I decided "what the hell" and picked it up. Right now, I'm glad the game was cheap as it proved broken for me, making it the second broken game I have reviewed on this site. Step inside.

Extra Life Update II

Extra Life 2015 draws ever nearer and with it, one of our best chances we as a global community of gamers has all year to do some real good for those who really need it. And we here at the Red Sector could not be more excited. This will be the first time we will be having a live gathering of between members of the site and friends who are ready to spend the night to eat, drink, and game to raise what we can for those who need it most. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Like I have said previously, Extra Life is a fund-raising event in which gamers from around the globe do their best to bring in as much as they can for the various hospitals of the Children's Miracle Network, and finish the drive with a 24 hour gaming marathon, many of which stream for their sponsors and fellow gamers to join them in celebrating just what this community is capable of doing for those around us, and here at the Red Sector, we welcome you to join us.

Pathologic (PC) Review

"In Soviet Russia, Game plays YOU!" I know this is an old joke, but after playing this abomination, I have to say it fits. I picked this game up a few months after finishing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. At the time, I began to feel the itch for something else that would leave me in that perfect state of dreading what might come next, but needing to see it and loving every second of the conundrum. It was around this time, I found this game on sale on GOG.COM and with the title page they offered, I decided to have a look. This trailer is the first thing I saw (courtesy of

That trailer convinced me I would absolutely have to play this game, and I would get a lot of the true survival horror thrill I was looking for... but as I said, this game played me like a damn fiddle... It took my cash and in return it was a chore to just play the 8 hours I demand before I review a game for you guys. Come on in and see why.