3rd Party Game Subscriptions: It has Really Come to This (Updated)

It has been a long journey, but after 16 years, we have finally reach this point. Back then, no one paid attention. After all, when Sega charged a monthly fee to play online games on their final console, it was by a built in dial-up modem on a platform that just couldn’t survive the oncoming Sony juggernaut that was the Playstation 2. But here we are over a decade and a half later with two of the four major gaming platforms already demanding a subscription fee to play online successfully when the next logical step is being taken: EA Access has been announced for Xbox One.

From the Gamestop Files: Predictions Have Come True

We’ve been hearing it for a while. Hell, when we started to see game retailers get exclusive in-game stuff like skins for specific chapters in Warhammer 40,000: Ultramarines depending on who you pre-ordered from, writers and bloggers began to get nervous of how far this could go. Today, their reason for worrying has been justified.