Borderlands 2 DLC: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep (PC) Review


When the DLC for Borderlands 2 was coming out, I pretty much had no interest in any of them. Perhaps it was because I had played through all the DLC for the first game one after another and pretty much right after finishing the original, and frankly didn’t want to get worn out on such a good game again. Maybe they just didn’t offer me anything on the surface that interested me. I don’t know, but this expansion was different. I knew when I saw it I was going to have to play it. It just looked so different from anything else in the franchise. So I picked it up on a Steam sale when I got the chance. I then proceeded to begin playing it with a group of friends. However, that would be short-lived as we never finished the game as a group. Most of the guys moved on to the next game before we finished this one, so it remained partially complete, but never finished…

Until last week. Last week, found myself in an odd situation where South Park didn’t take nearly enough time to finish, and yet Deus Ex: The Fall was supposed to be out 2 weeks from then. It was an unexpected skip in my gaming schedule. So, without a clue how I wanted to fill it in, I found myself returning here. It was time to finish and review Tiny Tina’s adventure. So how was it? Why don’t you step inside…

It’s Extra Life Season: Let the Raffle Begin!


Yes, we are holding another raffle for Extra Life. This time, however, we have learned from our mistakes and are changing the game a little bit, starting with our announcement. Rather then make one a few weeks AFTER the big event, we are starting one now, well before it. And the games up for raffle are only going to grow as over time I will be adding titles here and there. Want to know what’s up for grabs? Want to know how to enter? Want to know how to help kids at the same time as take a chance to win? Step on inside.

South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC) Review


This is it. The first big game of the year that I was excited to see and had to play day one! I was excited enough, that I actually spent 2 weeks without a main game since finishing Saturday Morning RPG so that I could open this up and start playing that day! On that fated Tuesday, I went to several stores to pick this up for PS3, but found everyone sold out. It was annoying, and left me with a choice: do I get it for PC where I am very reluctant to get anything by Ubisoft due to their uPlay system, or do I get this on 360 where I have an old one my brother left at my place? With a little research, the game found it’s way into my Steam collection, as uPlay is not in the game and the console in question is one of the old white 360s which are known for certain issues. I started playing that night, and the game blew me away for the first few hours.

But as I finish the game last night, I find myself not so hyped for it and not so excited. The game is fun, but it is not anything as good as it could have been, and not near worth it for the asking price of a AAA game.

This Time, It’s NOT a Theory. Gamestop is Ripping You Off.

Have you bought one of the new consoles yet? Did you pick a WiiU? An Xbox One? Or maybe a PS4? If you chose one of the first two, feel free to relax, but take this as a cautionary tail when dealing with Gamestop. Unlike the Xenoblade Chronicles scandal not even a year ago, there are no theories here or preconceptions. Gamestop is looking to rip off PS4 gamers right now as I type this.

Milestone Achieved! 10000 views!

Hello everyone! This is only a short notice, as I have things Im taking care of back home at this exact moment. But I woke up this morning to find it had finally happened! We have officially hit out 10 thousandth view! Once again, for a website that does not do advertisement and really spreads the word by twitter, facebook, and an occasional link on a few boards I personally visit, this is not bad! Thank you so much for sticking with us.

But as always, we are looking to grow, and move faster. That is the way of the internet after all, correct? So expect more soon…