The Talos Principle (PC) Review


This was a long time coming. When I first saw this game, I knew it was going to make it’s way into my collection and playtime eventually. The broken world with a promise of finding out what happened and a mysterious tower the trailers already forbid you from looking into had me hooked immediately. At this time I didn’t know or care what you played as… these mysteries had my attention. Add to this curiosity about how well the makers of Serious Sam could do with a puzzle game, and I wanted in. I'm not disappointed.

Xenogears (PS3) Review


When I first heard of this game, I was in college and some buddies were finishing it up. At the time, it looked cool, but I made note of it for later, as I had much more on my PC I wanted to get to. But I never forgot the game, so when I found out the prequel games were coming out for PS2, I decided to start there, but that proved an utter mistake as I found the game used the strategy guide as an extra-expensive manual. Still, that did not mean I didn't want to play this one, so when I could get it on PSN, I jumped. Now, as I’ve finally played through the whole 90 hour adventure, I have to say… I’m glad I did, but I’m not to sure everyone should.

Afterfall Insanity (PC) Review


This one has been waiting a long time. When I first saw the trailers, I was enthralled. After all, I have always enjoyed creepy games and at the time, they were fairly few and far between. Still it wasn’t exactly rave review material when it came out and it was at a time when I still felt I could trust the reviewers, so I held back till it was on sale and when I did get my hands on it, I put it into my steam collection where it would reside till I felt ready to play.

Now when I pick my next game I generally do so by process of elimination via dice till I have reduced my choices to 10, but two weeks ago, those dice were not so kind to me. Still, this little title was among those games and promised to be something interesting… well, it at least lived up to that for a while, but this is not a game anyone really needs to play.

Tales from the Borderlands (PC) Review


This is a game that has been “requested” by bot Max and friends of the site. And yes, requested does need the quotes. When I finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, I began to look over my list of games and warm up my dice to pick the next one, but this plan of action was not meant to be, as (admittedly playful) death threats began to appear in my personal facebook page from pretty much everyone involved. The motivation was simple… they wanted me to be ready for an eventual Borderlands 3. I still am not sure this preparation warranted such drastic actions, but the game was known to be fairly short, so I indulged them. Was it a good idea? Come on inside.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC) Review


Tonight we have a look at the latest entry in a series I have been a fan of for a very long time. Unfortunately, we are also looking at perhaps the last game in the franchise for a good long while. And while I can point directly at Square and their behavior as to why this game failed, we are here to check out the game itself. And… well, it’s a tough one to call. I’m really not sure if I want to call this a swan-song or a train-wreck, as it seems to be equal parts of both.

Extra Life Raffle is Dead.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, and we did plan to do it again, but…. that can not happen anymore. Changes Valve has made to the Steam Gift system have just rendered our yearly raffle impossible.

Knights of Pen and Paper (PC) Review


Almost anybody who grew up as a gaming nerd knows the story. You and a bunch of friends find a good day to gather together, be it in one of your basements, dorm rooms, or even first apartment, depending on how old you were at the time. There might be snacks. There might be a stereo playing background music. There might even be pre-set recordings based around the event to set the mood. But what would be there no matter what was always the same: a rulebook, a lot of character sheets, some dice, and a great time collectively telling a tale where each member of the group would take a hero through an adventure as told by the dungeon master (DM) who ran the game session everyone was excited to get started with.

That is the story of this game.

Gaming Myths: NO GAMES (for the WiiU)!

We’ve all heard this myth before, regardless of what platform we choose to play. It seems no matter what you play, someone will try to tell you there are no games to play on it. But, is this true? For any given platform? I want to look at each current platform to see if there are any this really applies to. Let’s start with the one about to lose this status: the WiiU

Gaming Myths: Price of PC

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an article on this page that is not either a game review or an update for Extra Life, but seeing as I am currently in the middle of multiple games (reviews could be a while), I’ve been itching to change that. And to be honest, this has probably been a long time coming. If you spend any amount of time on gaming sites or in hobbyist youtube channels and the like, you will see some serious ignorance. I think it’s time to do our best to debunk some of the myths we are aware of. Today, I want to start with PC prices.

With a New Year, Extra Life ALSO Begins Anew

Happy New Year everyone! I can only hope everyone had a fun time this weekend celebrating the end of 2016. I know I did as me and the crew for this site got together for drinks, gaming, and way too much Rick & Morty. But we did so celebrating two points.

On a personal note, we here smashed our own personal record as we managed to bring in $670 on our own, but while this was a nice personal achievement for the year, it was nothing compared to what Extra Life in total managed in this 2016 run. I am pleased to announce to anyone who has not yet heard that 2 days before the end of the year, we as a total gaming community managed to bring $9,000,000 to help sick children in our local hospitals.

But on such a note, the even has drawn to a close… and 2017’s run has begun with the new year and we, of course are eager to be a part of it. More announcements will come, but as of now, I wanted to share our team page. So please, if you wish to donate and help us begin again, you can choose a player to donate under here or find them under the roster tab when you click the new thermometer!

Obviously, more news will follow, but for now I am just glad for those who had a great holiday and honored to have been a part of such a magnificent event… and knowing we can make this year even more so.