Fucking Hackers…

While it certainly means less for us here to talk about, I wish stories like this just didn’t happen. This happened during the working day, so no one here at the site knew this was happening until a skype call with a friend of the site pretty much after the fact. A hacker who has been named, but we will not be giving the time of day ran a rampage across the internet gaming world in the name of a vendetta against an individual game streamer.

Mother Nature: What a Bitch

If you are like me, then you decided despite expecting (and getting) a VERY lack-luster show, to watch the VGX awards…. and then you were floored by the announcement trailer for a game called “No Man’s Sky.”

Courtesy of Hello Games. (They made it and are making the game, after all.)

Well, the game has been well under development and that video was all in game, but we may all be crossing our fingers for the guys behind it, as they may well be underwater… literally.

Games Expand in More Ways then One

Yesterday, big news hit the gaming world. Blizzard finally set a date Reaper of Souls’ release. But this is not the only big news on the horizon: Consoles may finally see a serious MMO company bringing it’s titles to them.

Can’t Trust Their Word

Guys, I know at least a few people who are going to be pissed to hear this, but there is currently a story going around we need to talk about: Apparently XBox One still has online DRM built into the system.

Ys II (PC) Review


I’ve waited too long to play this game. It is sold bundled with Ys I and yet, while I played that one months ago, Ys II sat on my digital shelf collecting virtual dust for a long time before I brought it out. I honestly can not give a good reason for this either aside from other titles got in the way. Still, the time has come and Ys II is now complete. So how was it? Did it improve anything over the original? Absolutely. Come have a read.

Starting to See the True Range of a Steam Machine

…and this is about to get interesting. Last month, iBuyPower released some rather skimpy information about their own machine, but included a $500 price tag and a hint (via the defined graphic chipset) that it will be a powerhouse, outclassing the hardware in it’s console counterparts. We can neither confirm nor deny if this will be the case without more details, but knowing that they opted into a chipset from the latest generation available, we can certainly speculate. But may be a very low-end SteamMachine based on what news released today.

PC Just Got Easier…. Again

About a year ago, we used a similar headline as we watched Big Picture Mode make playing PC on your living room TV far more convenient via an interface designed to be entirely used with your controller if you desired. At the same time, we saw Nvidia announce the Geforce Experience, a system that would custom-setup your game for you so that it took the maximum advantage of the setup in your PC (provided you are using their graphic card of course). But this is only the beginning. Step on in to see the new frontier to make PC gamers more secure in their purchases.

Gamenight Cancelled

Unfortunately, we have to do this, and said as much on the facebook page. This morning, I found out about events going on that have have made this weekend no longer available for a gaming night. And since we have not received any donations we can count as raffle entries, this also means the raffle has been called off. Instead, we will take the games (both mentioned and unmentioned in previous posts) and lock them away until next year’s Extra Life events, where we will start a raffle well before the big night.

Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to this, but since we neither got the participation and now personal affairs will likely keep me too busy this weekend to actually run the gaming night side, this is how it has to be.