Path of Exile (PC) Review


When I saw this game in beta, it had my attention. The skill tree alone had my attention and my curiosity due to it’s size. However, I generally do not like to play betas these days. I had my fill of the games going online/offline at will to be patched and fixed and the server-wipes removing my character in the process from Darkspore alone. So when this game officially launched, I knew I was diving in. It had been a while since I played a good ARPG, and a game that promised to be one without costing a cent was simply something I had to see for myself. I think I can safely say, believe the hype about this one and get ready for a good time.

2 Weeks till we have our Raffle And oh Yeah… Persona 5 is Announced

A lot of excitement in the air this morning! First and most direct to the site, our Extra Life Raffle is in 2 weeks. Yes, the main event has come and gone, but we will be having a gamer night on Dec 7th, during which we will be having a LIVE raffle based on donations made to our Extra Life page. Read on for more:

Someone OutValved Valve?

In a word, yes… someone did this over a year ago when the world saw a mod for Half-Life 2 called Black Mesa. Did you forget it? You may have, but it was a huge step in the direction everyone had expected from Valve when they showed us that Half Life 1 would be remade with the Source engine. What we got from Valve was the same old content with little updates that was modified to work with the new engine.

What we wanted, however, Black Mesa gave us as a free mod for Half-Life 2…

F.3.A.R. (PC) Review


Once again, we play a game I have a history with. I actually bought it at launch, excited to see how one of my favorite series would end, but ultimately, had to shelve it for a while. You see, when I bought it, I did so expecting a friend of mine to do the same and the two of us would tear through this game in co-op mode. My friend held back, however, as his computer basically melted down the week before. And the moral of the story is don’t ignore your computer acting wrong because you know it’s probably just the roughly 60 viruses you got on it surfing porn. It never turns out well, and to the best of my knowledge he left PC space after that.

As for me, this game then sat on my shelf for the next 2 years, till Max joined up with this site. We both had the game and decided we would tag-team it for some October fun. And while we thought better of that, well… I’ll talk about that in the review. Come on in.

Extra Life Last Minute Raffle GameNight!

UPDATE (11/17/13): As of this morning, the $4,000,000 mark has been met! This event is still on and we ask anyone interested to donate, but congratulations to the Extra Life charity! As of now the total is double last year! Let's see just how far we can take this!

If you have been following us on our facebook page, you already knew we were planning to do this. But for those who did not, we are simply not done with Extra Life this year. With the goal of $4,000,000 raised this year in not just striking distance, but casually swatting distance, we wanted to step up and do something extra cool for the event. To this end, we will be streaming one more gamer day, and while this is not a 24-hour marathon, we will be raffling off a prize or two. Interested? Read on for more details.

The Unfinished Swan (PS3) Review


Sometimes, we all find “that game.” It’s a title we know we are going to find interesting, but are not sure we will enjoy, and most of our friends will probably not want to hear about… and we buy it anyway. For me, this probably happens a lot more then I would care to admit… and this would be one of them. The question, however, is was it worth it? I believe the best answer I can give you is “yes.” Not a “FUCK YEAH!” but… “yes. Im glad I played this.”

Extra Life Marathon Report Part 2

Now that we have covered the general marathon results, it’s time to recap how things went for us specifically. There are probably many who could care less about this, and you, I encourage to skip this entry. But for those of you who want to see, please, read on….

Extra Life Marathon report Part 1

And as Sunday morning rolled in, the Extra Life main marathon drew to a close. I must apologize now for not updating right away, but between schedules and finally needing to sleep, I simply was incapable of writing. Still, it was a great time to be had and I simply hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did… oh yeah… and the BIG important news of the night:

As of now, Extra Life has brought in $3,600,211!!!!!

A big congratulations are in order for all the gamers who participated. For a more detailed report of the night, please read on: