EA Beat Valve to Digital Innovation? Huh….

It has been previously noted in the gaming world that the beta of Steam contained lines of code specifically setup to show if you lent out or borrowed a game from a friend. Stop and reread that if you were unaware, but it appears game sharing is in the works for Steam at some point. However, this (as far as I know) has never fully been setup for beta or active versions of the platform as of yet… but while waiting, it seems EA is moving forward to make digital sales more enticing to buy from them… they now have a full refund return policy in Origin.

From the “This Just Might be True Files”

Ironically, while looking over Kotaku this morning, a page I rarely take seriously, a story happened to catch my eye by it’s title and picture alone. “Extreme GameStop Pricing Leaves Some Fans Calling Scam” with a nice picture from the cover of what could easily by my personal favorite game on consoles… Xenoblade Chronicles. The story seems to be about how used copies of the game (previously sold out throughout the USA in both new and used forms, and having tried to help a friend get his own copy, I can speak to this through experience), is suddenly and readily available in used form from the chain. So what’s so bad about that?

Extra Life is Upon Us!

November is fast approaching, and with it, Extra Life 2013. For those of you who are new to this event, Extra Life is a yearly held gaming marathon. The goal of this is to have a great time doing what we love as one community all over the planet, and to do so raising money to help kids with cancer. Sound interesting to you? Then why don’t you join us?

This entry is a personal invitation of several kinds. It is an invitation to join the cause and help save kids from cancer… and if you desire, our team for it. It is an invitation join in a 25 hour event where gamers around the world will be playing together with this one goal in mind. And it’s an invitation to have fun doing all of it.

And i f you can’t make it for the Nov 2nd, it’s an invitation to help us by donating to this cause. You can do this by the thermometer at the right of this website. It will remain there until a few weeks after the marathon is finished, in case people need a rain-date to play.
Thank you for listening, and welcome.

Darksiders 2 (WiiU) Review

Welcome to the WiiU! This is a sentence that, sadly, few people can really say. But I have recently gotten my hands on the system. Once I had satisfied my curiosity about all the various extra features the system has, it was time to pick up a game and play, and I already had my first game picked out. It took a little bit of hunting, but I came home with Darksiders 2. So how was it? Well, I wish it could have been as amazing as my last time playing the original Wii (since the WiiU plays all Wii games, I unplugged and put it away), but that would simply be unreasonable. Instead, well, read on.