SimCity (2013) (PC) Review

Now here’s a game that brought controversy with it’s launch. From the very beginning, people were pissed off (and rightly so) that they couldn’t get into the game or would get kicked out as the servers lost contact. Others would claim a moral high ground calling these server demands DRM and declaring corporate greed as the reason others couldn’t play and they refused to buy it. And while I still think such an attitude over a multiplayer game is kinda… dumb… the game was a real mess.

But time has passed, and as the dust settled taking the major bugs at launch with it, I have decided it was time to play. After putting the game down, I’m not to sure the game itself is worth the cash you will have to drop to play. Read on to hear more.

We hit our 5,000th view!

Not much to say tonight… just wanted to thank you all. As of tonight, we hit another milestone when our 5,000th view was clicked on. We intent to stick around, so expect that number to keep growing!

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FINALLY! We have PSO2 news!

Sometimes, it pays to troll the internet and forums… and while so far E3 has not revealed anything for PSO2, we may finally have reason for this. According to, Sega has confirmed that the North American release of the game has been delayed. However, they have not explained why. The good news is that this means it is still coming. But this could also me we are waiting on a new version to be developed….

Cry of Fear (PC) Review

This simply looked amazing. The trailers had my attention and with it being free, I knew I was going to play this game from the first day I saw it. It also wasted no time in showing me why this was a great choice to play. But that is not to say that everything was great here. In fact, this game held a very dark secret which I must now warn you about. A great game released broken, is still a broken game, and for this reason, I must warn people about Cry of Fear before they take it up.

Chrono Trigger (DS) Review

Sometimes, we all miss games. This is exceptionally true when they come out after you’ve lost interest in the platform they are on. This would be one of those games for me, since by the year the game came out, I had moved onto PCs for the most part. So when I found this title available for my DS I have to admit, I was interested. But it had to wait due to everything else portable I’ve wanted to play (including multiple Persona and Phatnasy Star titles). But this game’s time has come…. and proved why classic games are truly classics. Come on in and have a read.