Preserving Games As a Generation Ends

As the gaming world knows, the 7th generation of console gaming is nearing it’s completion. A number of bargain hunters will probably begin looking into the systems they missed (self included) to experience the remaining gems before the next takes over. And normally, this process could wait till we could get bargains on the old hardware and games… but this generation is different. This generation, consoles took on a lot of PC features like digital sales and online patches. The problem with this is that being closed systems, once the system’s service goes offline, access to these pieces will no longer be available. And with the WiiU out now to be followed quickly by the next xbox and playstation, this will be an issue for collectors pretty quickly. This is a word of warning… and maybe to get an early start on what you might have missed out on.

Because It’s Cool if Everyone Hates Him

Ok, gamer community, it’s time we had a little chat. It’s time to grow up a little. Right now there is a debate going on in this country about violent video games, and as we can expect, someone from Newgrounds decides to take video revenge on the NRA for pointing the finger (unjustly) at us. But there are two problems with this… the first being the obvious that one idiot online is NOT the entire community, but it is one idiot giving ammo to the argument against violent games.

But at the same time, the other is something in our own community we need to look at… gamers, reviewers, and article writers alike.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Yep. It’s true. As of this weekend (Friday, to be exact) the Red Sector is 1 year old! And we have already done a lot of growing. As I keep saying we are far from done changing, and in fact we have a few changes brewing as we speak right here and now. Expect to see them soon. But what else has changed? Well, why don’t you come in and see.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (PC) Review


Here is a game that while I was interested as a fan, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had previously tried a Dr. Who game created directly by the BBC, and to put it mildly, I was unimpressed. But knowing this was both a different kind of game and not one that was released as free promotional material for the TV series, I had some hopes this would prove a lot better then the previous titles. So when it came out, I picked it up, hopes still high. I just finished the title this morning… and I think the Doctor has finally had a descent outing in the gaming world.

Every once in a while….

You see something you just need to share…. anyone else looking REALLY forward to this game?

Well, the Burning has Been Called Off….

Once again, the Game Overthinker has alerted me to an update on the Connecticut Game-Burning ceremony. It has been cancelled. And while this is good news, it bothers me that I can’t just be happy with that… not when in his next breath (and that of many others), he is to look for the next scape-goat. Guys… ok, for once, this really isn’t about video games. I wish it was, but… just click on if you are interested.

The Old Guard May have to Watch Out for the Ancient Guard

Well you guys heard me make the prediction. It wasn’t a hard one to make, but in my what-if article, I laid out that if what I expected happened, we would be looking at a PC/console hybrid from Valve… Linux PC in function, but console in form. They have now officially announced it. Now it’s time to see if they can succeed. I believe personally that this will be based entirely on the sales they can pull off (and depending on if you believe the rumors about Sony allowing publishers to block used sales or Microsoft going digital only, the path to do so may only be getting easier), but it would seem the 800 lb. gorilla of the PC world is not the only one looking to expand their empire.

So… the Symbolism of Burning Media hasn’t Struck These People?

I REALLY did not want to have to talk about this. It’s the kind of retarded shit that should not get attention and be forgotten. But when a fellow blogger I read posted based on their findings at Polygon, and this morning I found an article about it on PC Gamer, it’s only a matter of time till this shit hits Reddit and every other major online publication. Me keeping silent won’t make a difference.