We Will Now Score Our games….

Almost a year ago now when I first published the Red Sector, it was done with a few ideas in mind. I never wrote these down in stone, but they were the core tenants of what I had in mind on day one. Among them, was that I would not use or require review scores for a review to be on this site. However, as explained after the break, this is now changing.

Borderlands 2 (PC) Review


I will probably never forget my original adventures on Pandora. The original Borderlands game was a blast, and I had a lot of fun running around shooting stuff with the random people that graced my game… but towards the end, I had found myself wanting to play alone and just finish the game rather then keep doing side missions as everyone else wanted to. And by the time I finished three of the four expansions (I was warned about Mad Moxxie’s arena-based one and avoided it), I had had enough of Borderlands for a long long time.

Now after having bought the sequel on sale with Steam, I find myself looking on the game I just finished with a smile, though fully aware I should wait on diving into the DLC to avoid feeling so “done” as I did before. It was good, but please read on to see what Pandora offers you this time.

Linux: A Possible Future?

A little while ago, Gamespy produced a short article in which they suggested we might, just might, be seeing the beginning of a shift in PC gaming from Windows dominating to Linux taking over. In the short article, they promptly asked at the end if we as gamers would embrace such a change. Today, we explore the possibilities… what if we are about to see the beginning of this shift? How would it happen, and how would we be effected? Join me in a little “future history” and see if maybe you could see this happening.

Update on the Gamespy Debacle

How do you know an issue is big? When poor saps who have the same name have to write a massive article to say, “We didn’t do this. We are not even the same company.” And then the other company feels the heat enough to respond….

….While Studios Can Be Pure Awesome…

Other publishers can be pure shit. And sometimes, it’s not the one publishing the game that ruins it. Currently, the shitty guy is Glu, a company you may know for shit-tastic cell-phone games from before iOS and Android who recently bought Gamespy… and promptly made them absolute garbage.

The PC World is Getting Easier For Everyone

And in the past week, we have seen two HUGE steps forward. We have now witnessed the first REAL move to place PC gaming in the living room, as well as a beta to not only automatically update your graphics drivers as necessary, but optimize your games so those who want to jump in and play can get the absolute best out of their games. The future is really bright ahead!