Weekly News Roundup

Greetings and welcome to a new feature we will be hosting at the Red Sector. Once a week, we will be gathering a bunch of gaming news for our readers to see in one place. We will try to make this a Wednesday article, but for now, the this being a new feature, the date may not be finalized just yet.

In any case, welcome to the news and commentary. Enjoy!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC) Review

Happy Halloween, readers! Yeah, I know it’s early, but I picked this game due to the season. I wanted something scary. When I asked on Twitter about a few titles, this one (which wasn’t in my list) was unanimously picked. Hell if I can argue with that. Read on… and journey with me.

Extra Life begins!


Friends and readers, the time is now! We have come together as a community to raise what we can for the kids, and now it is time to get to the fun part… and play! Obviously if we have some late donors, we are more then happy to accommodate. After all, this what it’s about… helping the kids by doing what we love.

But for now, we can focus on the gaming at hand, and to that end, we have a UStream Channel setup just for this event. If you want to see how we game, then please, follow the link below to it…. and on behalf of every gamer in this marathon, every hospital to be helped by this marathon, and every child we are reaching out to through them and the event… thank you… thank you so much for your support.

You can watch us game at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/red-sector

You can watch many others listed at http://blog.extra-life.org/2012/10/the-extra-life-live-stream-directory.html

PSA: Steam-Related Security Risk Detected!

It happened today… or rather the potential was found today. At this moment, anyone who read the article from PC gamer knows their computer running Steam could well be at risk of hackers taking over their computer. How could the mighty 800 lb gorrila of PC gaming fall like this? Well, it’s a little more complicated then that. Let’s talk, so you know how to protect yourself, as well as understand exactly what happened.

One Week till Extra Life

The time is coming, my friends. We are about 1 week away from the Extra Life, things are looking great, but that doesn’t mean we can relax yet. It’s crunch time to bring as much in for the kids as possible. But it’s also time to reveal how we are doing here at the Red Sector. Read on to see a special message, a preview of what to expect, as well as links to participate/donate.

Interested? Read on…..

Torchlight II (PC) Review


2 weeks ago, PC gamers rushed the Steam servers. Between Torchlight II and Borderlands 2, loot-driven maniacs got to pick their poison and get lost in so much content it was simply astounding. We each picked our choice, be it the block-buster multi-platform hit or the indie challenger to Diablo’s thrown. I think it’s pretty obvious which choice I made, but was it a good one? Read on, fellow dungeon crawling gamers… read on…

PSA: Extra Life… Progress and News


Hello, my friends. It’s time to reveal the full plans for the event known as Extra Life. For those of you who do not remember, Extra Life is a yearly gaming marathon that raises money to help kids with illnesses in the same line as cancer. I am personally honored to have been a part of this since the first year, but now, I have the honor of inviting you all to join in. When we start playing on Oct. 20th, it would mean a lot to a lot of kids as well as myself if you were there. How do you get involved? Read on….