Holy shit… Epic May Have Done It!

This morning, I saw an amazing story from the guys at PC Gamer. Apparently Epic and Mozilla have been working together to put the Unreal 3 engine online. Think about that for a moment… the engine used for more current generation games then any other is currently in beta to run on websites!

This is, to excuse the pun, epic news! Should Epic and Mozilla make this work, we are looking at the potential of AAA titles working on anything with enough juice and a web browser…. including future TVs themselves… without a console or anything else attached. Yes, I'm saying it. THIS is the kind of tech that could end the need for consoles or any other device in your living room outside of the TV itself to play games with. Time will tell if this proves to be, but if you want to see it for yourself, take a look after the break.

AntiChamber (PC) Review


Now this is a game I’ve been excited to play. I knew it was in the works 2 years ago, and was already biting at the bit. Something to compare to Portal, but with even less concern about physics instead focusing exclusively on the logic? Yes! Sign me up! The day the game came out, I bought it, but it would be a while till I could play since I was still in the middle of Xenoblade Chronicles. And now, after making my way through that massively long game, I cleared this one in literally about 5 hours…. So was it worth the wait? Well… yes… yes it was.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) Review


When a new generation of consoles comes around, we expect them to take over for the old. This has happened recently to the Wii, and yet the system also got something fairly unique in the form of a very hefty RPG to send it off. After 95 hours of game-time with it, it’s time to talk about it, and sendoffs don’t get much better then this.

My Prediction: Microsoft Loses the Next Generation

Heavy words to say before the system comes out, but if IGN isn’t lying and really verified the information they just published, Microsoft could be starting knee deep in their own shit.

If you didn’t play it then files:

You GOTTA love GOG sometimes… and lately, they’ve been giving me a lot to love nostalgically. A few weeks ago, System Shock 2 hit their service… now, they have released 2 more from the days of old, even if they are likely not as well known. But these are games, that for two VERY different reasons, really should be tried out by everyone.

Get The Hell Over It, People!

Seriously, after the past few days online, this is the best thing I can say. I can understand the aggravation from people trying to play SimCity. It must suck badly that you want to play your new game, but due to the game being online and everyone else wanting to play at the same, you have to wait in a que or worse, plain can’t get in. This is good reason to be upset. I mean, you bought the game, you should be able to play it.

But what we are seeing online goes well beyond the aggravation of gamers who are rightfully aggravated. What we are seeing is a bunch of children who need to go outside once in their lives. Get the fuck over it people, for god’s sake!

Greenlight Special II

Today we have a very special Greenlight Special for you. Once a month, Valve releases what games made the cut and will officially launch on Steam among the thousands we get to select from. This week, that list has been made available to the public. You can view it from Steam’s own Press Releases here, but in addition to showing you what games we supported this week, we felt it would be worth your time to see both our top five games that are now certain to hit Steam.

Noted Releases III

Finally, a small breather. This week has been a bit leaner for releases to catch our eye then the past few, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened. In fact we are sure a lot of you found these very interesting… or will.