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ANOTHER Zombie?!?!??

Today, gamers around the world can rejoice. Choosing Kotaku to give their press release to, Popcap Games has officially announced Plants vs Zombies 2 is currently in the works. Yes, you heard me. Soon, their will be more zombies on your lawn.

Now if you think like me, you are thrilled, if a little confused with this. I mean, who could not be happy to see this? The original game was simply amazing and one of those few titles that can draw casual and hard core gamers in droves, so I find the idea that anyone wouldn’t smile at this news kinda surprising.

But right now, we have more questions then answers. What kind of new plants can we expect? Will it all be plants? What about the zombies? What new ones will we see? And where will we see them? As of right now, PopCap has not announced an initial platform, and with how far the original got (from smart-phones to consoles to portable systems to PCs… it’s everywhere), who goes first will be anyone’s guess. But it will be more shocking if the sequel doesn’t follow the original’s footsteps.

When will we see this game? Officially we are looking at Spring next year, but a lot can change. Keep your eyes peeled… those pesky zombies can be anywhere.

Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year Edition (PC) Review


There’s a zombie on your lawn… there’s a zombie on your lawn…. yeah you know the song, I’m sure… but how has the game held up since launch? Well, time to talk about that.

Hold on to your hats…. (even if you plan to make more)

Just a quick FYI for those who have not been paying attention to their news or do not have Steam to see this, but Valve is in the middle of an overhaul of the community system within their distribution service. It seems they have seen another way to add things that we do not yet have, did not know we wanted, but can now drool over. All this week, they are giving away information on how things are changing, a little bit each day.

You can take a look at their page here and see what’s going on. I’m not going to attempt to summarize since they have not told us everything yet. But I bet you will be happy.

It has finally happened… Blizzard has officially been HACKED!

The news just got out hours ago. Blizzard discovered a breach in their security and that someone had gotten in. If you have an account with them, you probably already know the drill… change your password and any password similar to it. More news will likely follow… but every WoW gamer right now, be warned. (Im assuming D3 is all but dead as I don’t mention to warn them.)

Binary Domain (PC) Review


Sometimes, when you try out a game the potential in the demo is so strong you can smell it. And while I don’t like playing anything that relies mainly on guns and aims with the camera on a controller, I had already decided when the price dropped, I would get this game on my PS3 because of such a smell. And then something wonderful happened… Binary Domain was announced as a Steam Download! Once the demo showed me just how right this game feels on my good old mouse, I couldn’t resist and this became my big Steam Summer Sale game. Now, I have finished it. It did not disappoint. Step inside.