Gamers Are Going to Have to Step Up

I really hate launching battlecries like this… I really do… but at this point, I believe honestly and completely it is within the best interest of gamers in general that we we take as much direct control of the games we get our hands on as we can. The reason for this is we are officially dealing with a blocklist run by the I.nternational G.ame D.eveloper A.association, of which there is serious concern will be used as a black-list, as previously threatened by their founder, for what game devs will not get any coverage, leaving their games unknown and their livelihoods threatened. This is obviously preventing people within the industry from feeling safe to speak their minds on the issue. Simply put this situation in unacceptable, and it’s time we detooth it.

Volgarr the Viking (Xbox One) Review


Another review by Joe’s Xbox Name

“Rise, warrior!” The Norse God Odin commands. A mighty Viking warrior rises from the earth with sword in hand. On the right side of the screen a chest awaits. Upon opening, a shield adorned with the mighty hammer Mjolnir presents itself. The weapon, thrust into the open air, collides with a man sized lizard; splitting his skull in twain. Continuing forward you find yourself at the edge of a clearing that overlooks a treacherous amazon. Who knows what other unnatural beasts lurk beneath the brush. For gold and glory you must press on. For you are Volgarr the Viking.

Shadow Complex (Xbox 360) Review


I have a confession to make. While I have made a point to get pretty much every system in the previous generation, there was one machine I never tried to get. I started with a PC and due to how different it played to anything I could get for it, my next machine was a Wii. Finally, the PS3 managed to build up enough of a library I was interested in that I couldn’t get on what I had already to make it worth picking up. But, despite having one of the controllers for it on my PC, I never found myself picking up a 360. It’s library was too close to the PC for me to give it much of a look, but it did have one game that I wanted to play. So when my brother moved out to his own place and left his 360 here, I decided I was going to get Shadow Complex for it. Now, as I finish it, I’m glad it didn’t spend the cash on the system, for I could not imagine this game being a system seller. But at the same time, I am glad I finally got the chance to play through what is ultimately a very good game on it’s own.

Crimson Dragon (Xbox One) Review

An Xbox One review from Joe’s Xbox Name:

Xbox exclusive and next gen launch title, Crimson Dragon casts players as a mystical dragon rider. Aided by your airborne reptile companion, your job is to blast everything and anything on sight as you progress through an eight to ten hour campaign alone or paired up with a wingman (Either an NPC of your choice or a buddy.) But does this game soar or never leave the runway?