Among the Sleep (PC) Review

title one

Yet another game I have been eagerly awaiting for some time has finally dropped on us. When I first heard of Among the Sleep, it was due to seeing it Steam’s Greenlight games, and listening to the studio making the game talk about it got my attention. However, it was upon seeing clips of the game in action that I figured this was going to be a winner. After all, who could make a game that could make something as simple as the family kitchen creepy as fuck? Someone who mastered lighting and made plates suddenly fall like something took a swipe to grab you and didn’t give a shit what was in the way, that’s who, and from that moment, I knew this game had potential.

Fast forward to a week ago when the game launched. Wanting to see if it still held that promise, I resisted the urge to watch a let’s play of the whole thing, but instead found one of the “alpha” build that was (and might still be) offered for free on the site’s kickstarter page. And man, this game even in an early build had the promise of scaring the FUCK out of the player. I bought it then and there.

So as soon as I finished with Wolfenstein, I loaded this one up and started playing. On the one hand, the game did NOT disappoint. It was every bit as disturbing as it promised. But on the other, it also did little else. It didn’t tell a story that had very much to it. It didn’t make me figure out anything at all. It didn’t even make me have to realize how to deal with the monster chasing me down the entire time. It made for a dipolar experience, that perhaps we should talk about. Step inside.

Case 002-Bionic Commando (PC ) A Bellicose Biography Of Belligerent Bionics


Well, well I see your back. Good to see you haven’t been run off, this part of the sector can get pretty rough. I tell you, I wasn’t in the office more than a few cycles and already the local sec-copper give this place the once over. “Scanning for content” he says, Yeah yeah. Anyhow, been lookin’ through some of the old files and came across one you might like.  You like Cyborgs?  You like CLASSIC Game properties? Oh man, is this the case for you. While you give it a look, I’m going to have a tip from the bottle.

Extra Life Update: 6/8/14


As time ticks on, Extra Life will only slowly make it’s way here. Remember, on October 25th at 8 AM, the real event begins, and the gamers take to the net raise money and help sick children around the globe in a no-holds-bar 24-hour gaming marathon. All kinds of games will be played and enjoyed while all kinds of cash is raised to help these children.

While this year got off to an early start, we are right now at the point in the year when traditionally the date would be announced and the Extra Life website would have gone up for the new event. With this in mind, the cause has gotten a head start, as we have now collectively raised over $183,000. But there is still a long way to go, and we at the Red Sector want to do our part.

To this end, if you have been with the site for a while, you know we are running a raffle for steam games based on donations to our page. If not, well, this is your chance to find out! Come on in and see the details!

Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC) Review


Wow, this franchise and I go way back. I remember playing it in high school on my 486 I had just gotten my hands on prior to becoming a freshman. It held a special place for me, as I honestly preferred it’s pure and simple flat layout to the levels offered by the shareware version of Doom (I didn’t get that full masterpiece till much later) or the still good but not as good Doom II.

As a result, I have taken the time to get and play each game of the franchise, though this is the first one I actually planned to get my hands on and started playing the week it launched. And now, I put it down, I am both pleased, and rather annoyed at the same time. The game for the most part was very good, if not a masterpiece, but that ending has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Please, come inside and we will talk.

uPlay Suckage: It’s not just for PC anymore. (Updated)

This article is not just pointing and laughing at the egg on Ubisoft’s face. It is actually a warning. I thought once they were going to try to turn themselves around and they were learning, but I was wrong. So HORRIBLY wrong. They learned all right, but not what we needed them to. Right now most people who bought Watch_Dogs at launch can tell you uPlay sucks, as they could not play online at all (and many still can’t). Their platform of choice was plagued by online issues as the uPlay servers all versions use were destroyed Diablo 3-style. But at least they could play single player games, right? RIGHT?

Sadly, this too, may have just been fucked up for everyone.