Case: 006 Paranormal peers provoke polished plot to please the most pertinacious of proponents- (Ghostbusters the Video Game-PC 2009)


Let it never be said that I believe in spooks. ‘Cause I don’t. For every chain rattle and spooky sound, every thump or bump in the night there’s someone looking to make a quick turnaround. In my business, plenty of grieving widows or widowers have been taken by so called mediums ( Hucksters and charlatans of the highest order kid, don’t let the fancy title fool ya.) I’ve seen a lot in the cycles I’ve been here, real “ Ghosts” in this machine but, in the end? It’s all a scam, a big con.

So, when I came across this gem of a title? I had to re-evaluate my position. Not because I became a believer mind you, just because sometimes you wish there was something out there.  Now, browse over that file and make up your own mind.



Extra Life Update: More games to give away!

Time continues to march forward and while Extra Life is still many months away, it keeps steadily getting closer. And for our part, we here at the Red Sector are continuing to ramp things up. This early, that means bringing more games to the table for you all to win, so we have a bigger list we will be giving away. Want to see what you could win on the big night now? Step inside…

Amazon is a Dick to Console Gamers

I really have no other way to describe what we are seeing. You see, while we were all enjoying PAX East (either there or checking out coverage of it), Amazon dropped a bombshell on their fairly loyal customers. As of right now, they are testing out a new idea of hiding high-profile physical games behind a pay-wall. If you expected to have Amazon ship these to you, you now need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Windows 10 Store is WORSE the GFWL: A Gaming Rant

Gabe Newell warned us about this. Back in 2012, the man behind Steam warned us all that the new format (now evolved into the Universal Windows Platform or UWP) was nothing but harmful to anyone writing software for Windows.

Euclidean (PC) Review


Once again, Joel from Vinesauce showed me something awesome. This time, I happened to walk into the middle of his youtube video where he was playing this game. I really did not understand what I was watching, but for a few minutes, I knew I was going to have to check this one out. It was just too weird not to give it a play myself. Sadly, unlike the last game he introduced me to, this was not an amazing experience, but it was definitely interesting, and a game I'm glad I took some time with.

SubLevel Zero (PC) Review


Every once in a while, we all allow ourselves to be a little bit impulsive about the game we want to play. In this case, it was my turn. Watching the stream for the last few hours of Overload’s kickstarter campaign, I watched as SubLevel Zero was one of the titles the team played to show off what 6 Degrees of Freedom was. In fact it was the only game they played I have not yet even played, let alone finished. As such, I decided I would pick the game up myself and within a week was playing. And while at first I was really enjoying myself, it was not exactly the best of choices to just pick up and play.