Transformers Devestation (PC) Review

Anyone who knows me knew the moment this game was announced it was going to wind up in my library. After all, I didn't stick with a lot of the franchises I loved as a kid, but something about the giant robots from Cybertron always stuck with me, and to see them now take form like they did when I was little was very exciting. But at the same time, as a fan of the franchise, I have seen many bad Transformer games over the years, so I watched cautiously... until I finally saw the game played by none other then "Motherfucker" Mike of Cinemassacre. I was sold, and as soon as I finished playing SOMA, I began playing.

From the "Yes these morons exist" Files: "Batman returns"

I should have seen this coming... I really should have. After all, this is the internet and Steam is arguably one of (if not the) biggest online community these days. After all, as I write this the most people logged into it at the same time has broken 11,000,000 within the past 2 days.... not have accounts, but simultaneously logged in. And we all know on the internet that forums for anyone able to say they are huge online will always have large doses of stupid injected into them.

SOMA (PC) Review

Happy Halloween everyone! As we approach this holiday, it seems appropriate to look for scarier games to play, and this is one I've been waiting years for. Ever since it was announced, I was looking forward to something that would redeem the name Frictional Games from what they let the Chinese Room do to it,I and with them working alone again, I had high hopes for this title. Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed. Please step inside.

UbiSoft: Competition for Worst Publisher?

Extra Life 2005: Update III

This one is going to be a but quicker then previous updates, but with news this good, I couldn't just say nothing. Friends, we are officially heading for yet another record breaking year!