Resistance: The Fall of Man (PS3) Review

I was delighted to find myself able to finish and enjoy an FPS game on my PS3. After all, there are a few that since Sony published them, will never make it to my local mouse. With that in mind, I popped in Resistance, hoping I would enjoy it. After all, it featured one hell of a cool creature. Let's see how it did.

Limbo (PC) Review

This was a long time coming. Back in the day, Limbo was a 360 only title, and frankly one of a handful that was tempting me to buy the system. Still, at the time, it wasn't enough to get past my own personal rule to get a machine, so I simply could not play this game. Then something awesome happened. The game came out of PC and PS3. So how was it in this second shot at life? Let's find out.

The Darkness (PS3) Review

What would you do if you had an inner deamon? I don't mean that in a metaphorical sense. I mean literally, a deamon living inside you that made itself known and lent you it's power on your 21st birthday. This is the core question Jackie will have to answer as you make your way through this game. So what was his choice? And how good a game was it? Come see.

Time to liven this place up...

Well here it is... we are now in the space between the new and the old. Games of all ages and all platforms mingle here. But most never see it. Most can never get past the glitz of the new, the retro of the old, or their own prejudices for and against platforms enough to try them all.

Can you? That is my first question to you, since you are entering my little section of this crossroad. Can you see the value in any given platform to game on, regardless of which is your favorite. We all have those, after all.

If you can the welcome, friend... welcome to the Red Sector...