The “Villainous” Used Game

Before I begin talking about this, let me be up front and tell you that I was inspired this morning watching Jim Sterling mix it up and give his own views in his latest Jimquisition. This is an amazing commentary series and one I highly recommend my readers keep up on. If you want to watch his latest, you can see it here. But this time, while I agree with a lot he has to say, I can’t say he covered the topic quiet as much as I would like… let’s begin, shall we?

We Called It….

We called it and this week, MS confirmed it. They are lined up to lose the new generation of gaming. Tuesday, they revealed their new system and… wow… not even armed with the information we had last time, could we predict this would go so wrong.

Ys I (PC) Review

Sometimes, you just need to look back on the history of gaming to see what you may have missed as a kid playing only the games you knew about. This is one of those games I missed and you most likely did as well. But having found later entries in the series striking my interest, a relaunch of the original title struck me as a great place to begin playing with the series. So how was the start? Not perfect, but not bad. Come see for yourself.

Join us in Defiance!

Officially, we have our first weekly game, and we start Monday. After the show, feel free to join us! Read on for details.

We Now Have a Steam Group

And we will soon be hosting a weekly game, tracked by said group. Check it out by the link to the right of the page or by clicking here! Come join us and help us pick a night to do a weekly game of Defiance! More details will follow via the group and future updates, so stay tuned!