What is the Red Sector?

The Red Sector probably began long before we gave it life here. In an odd way, all gamers are aware of it. We all look back fondly at our favorite games, even if we resist the urge to go back and play them again in the now. But this wish to go back is a sign of it, for the Red Sector is timeless.

And that is exactly why we are here claiming a small slice of it. We understand the need for this place and it's place among gamers. Here time is meaningless and we  have come to game. And it matters little how old or new the game. Hell, it may even be something that doesn't involve a screen. All games exist here, not just as memories, but alive and active. We even have a twitch page we use from time to time... particularly for Extra Life each year.

So take up your controller, your mouse, or even your hand of cards, and enjoy your stay.