We May Still Be Waiting for Phantasy Star Online 2


I'm sure if this title grabbed you, you have heard the news by now. Site after site after site has been making news about how PlayPark had dropped their IP block on anyone in the western world and had an English version of the game ready to play. This sounded like amazing news, especially for those like me who have wanted just wanted to play the next installment of a franchise so held dear that an official release to it is a system-seller. (Indeed, I upgraded my PC for the launch of Phantasy Star Universe and bought both the DSi for Phantasy Star 0 and the PSP for Phantasy Star Portable so this is not an overstatement.) However, not knowing the company hosting it, I figured I had to do my research before I play, and as such, never got to. It seems PlayPark has restored the IP block.