Megabyte's Stream

While Megabyte has been part of Extra Life since year zero, he is a lot newer at the whole streaming scene. In fact, he basically only streamed the year event (and only the past 2 by capture device instead of controlled lighting and a web-cam) itself until about 3 months before Extra Life 2016 when Zyaldar pulled him into a supporting event called the #100DaysofGaming for Extra Life, requiring him to post the hashtag of the event and play every day up until the big event. Megabyte had a lot of fun doing this and finding himself wanting to continue the practice.

If we are not in the middle of such an event, he is not going to be on quite as often, but feel free to come see what he is up to!

Usually Megabyte plays later in the evening when he gets to play, but there is no such thing as a steady schedule and he does archive his videos, so feel free to hop in whenever!

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