Because Jim has it PERFECTLY Right

And I mean perfectly. In his latest video of the (in)famous Jimqusition series, Jim Sterling takes on the way fans become rabid and insist you are either with them, or against them about their favorite title. And, well, he couldn’t have nailed it better if he was Mr. Hammer, MC’s father who really earned the family their name as a carpenter. (Ok, I’m making that up. Don’t sue, Mr. Hammer… please. It was for fun.)

All Chick-Fil-A jokes opening this video aside, this is something near and dear to me as a fellow reviewer who has actually defended his work from people exactly as Jim here describes… the kind of person who can not take that their favorite franchise didn’t do so hot at what it normally does best and as a result has erruption of pure internet-driven nerd rage that never seems to go away until you are convinced they are right.

Sorry fanbois, but blowing up won’t change someone’s mind. At most if you are in a pit of like-minded idiots who can’t stand criticism, you might believe you made a difference by the crowd surround you, but all you are doing is preaching to a very sad quire. And sad is the term, because this isn’t even criticism aimed at you, but aimed at a piece of entertainment you happen to enjoy. Sorry, but if there was ever a modern sign in the world that should tell people they need to grow up, this is it.

I could comment more on the video for all the awesome it contains, but since this was the part of it I have personally experienced, I will leave it there. Just please… watch it. This is a nugget of solid good.

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