ANOTHER Zombie?!?!??

Today, gamers around the world can rejoice. Choosing Kotaku to give their press release to, Popcap Games has officially announced Plants vs Zombies 2 is currently in the works. Yes, you heard me. Soon, their will be more zombies on your lawn.

Now if you think like me, you are thrilled, if a little confused with this. I mean, who could not be happy to see this? The original game was simply amazing and one of those few titles that can draw casual and hard core gamers in droves, so I find the idea that anyone wouldn’t smile at this news kinda surprising.

But right now, we have more questions then answers. What kind of new plants can we expect? Will it all be plants? What about the zombies? What new ones will we see? And where will we see them? As of right now, PopCap has not announced an initial platform, and with how far the original got (from smart-phones to consoles to portable systems to PCs… it’s everywhere), who goes first will be anyone’s guess. But it will be more shocking if the sequel doesn’t follow the original’s footsteps.

When will we see this game? Officially we are looking at Spring next year, but a lot can change. Keep your eyes peeled… those pesky zombies can be anywhere.

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