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Hello, my friends. It’s time to reveal the full plans for the event known as Extra Life. For those of you who do not remember, Extra Life is a yearly gaming marathon that raises money to help kids with illnesses in the same line as cancer. I am personally honored to have been a part of this since the first year, but now, I have the honor of inviting you all to join in. When we start playing on Oct. 20th, it would mean a lot to a lot of kids as well as myself if you were there. How do you get involved? Read on….

So, you want to get involved with Extra Life? Excellent, you have already taken your first step in choosing to wish to help kids. Now, there are a few specific ways to do this, and any combination of these will go a long way.

1) Join up! Get your ass over to the Extra Life site and sign up! You can choose to go lone wolf or join a team, and even the goals you have when you join up. But joining up and bringing more to the cause is probably the most direct thing you can do. Our team here keeps a scaling goal. When we meet the current goal, we will revise it by adding another $100. That way, we can bring in as much as possible for a seriously worthy cause, and I would be honored personally, by anyone who cares to join us. But there are further plans with this I will explain further.

2) Donate! If you can play, donate in your own name on your own page for the team you chose (if you chose one), but please, give for this cause. There are few things as honorable as helping kids fight serious and deadly diseases.

If you can’t play, you can still help the kids. Our team will be gaming for them, and we would be honored to do so in your name as well. If for some reason you don’t like us, well you can still select someone else to donate to, but we will feel bad. (Just kidding. If it goes to the kids, we are happy to see it happen.)

3) Get the word out! Anywhere you can, link to Extra Life, talk about Extra Life, get as many people aware and interested as you can. They will also have these choices and become that much more strength for the event! The Extra Life site has plenty of ideas you can use for this.

These alone will go a long way, but before I say goodnight on this, I have some exciting news. As of right now, The Red Sector has a UStream account, meaning that I will be streaming my time in Extra Life for all to see… not of me, but of the games! You guys will be seeing the screen as I see it, and you can have a say in what I personally play. For every $100 we bring in, Im putting aside 4 hours of my marathon for HORRIBLE gaming. Joes Xbox Name has suggested Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City… and I accept it, unless you can come up with something more evil (that I can reasonably get my hands on). For such requests, I have access to all 3 major consoles, PC (of course), Nintendo DS, or PSP. The DS would prove interesting in trying to record, but we will do our damndest and it should still be fun.

Ill be taking requests until the evening of October 15th, because I will be making a trip to gamestop accordingly the next day… so lets get some donations and ideas flowing!

And once again, on behalf of myself, my site, my friends, my team, and the event organizers themselves, thank you for listening and helping us out.

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