Calling on Our Readers to Back the NERD!

Before we begin, no… the the AVGN (or Angry Video Game Nerd) is not in trouble… but he may have just announced some epicly awesome trouble for us to get into. AVGN is launching his own VIDEO GAME and right now, it’s waiting on Greenlight for us to welcome him to our Steam Libraries. Want to know more? Read on after the jump!

Is your interest peiqued? If so, please.. help us help the Nerd get his game to as many people as possible. Join us in approving this game on Greenlight. You can do so here.

And while you are there, you might want to check out another project by a personal friend of mine. She’s still very very VERY early in the process, but has a mind to make this happen. Go check out her project, The Source Heart Chronicles. You might just be surprised how deep this one goes!

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