FINALLY! We have PSO2 news!

Sometimes, it pays to troll the internet and forums… and while so far E3 has not revealed anything for PSO2, we may finally have reason for this. According to, Sega has confirmed that the North American release of the game has been delayed. However, they have not explained why. The good news is that this means it is still coming. But this could also me we are waiting on a new version to be developed….

Looking over Sega’s official forum for PSO2 in the Western world, I found, reasonably, a lot of negativity. I mean, on PSO2’s official website doesn’t have anything since 2012’s PAX. But there was one thread that struck me as interesting, title… “I may have found hope”

In this thread, the OP left a video link on youtube, which explains a theory with some backing up info, that the reason for a delay is that the game has been expanded quietly to be on the new XBOX One.

Now, obviously this guy’s theory about the game being shown off is going straight down the shitter, but the idea is rather valid. I'm also pretty sure this would not be an exclusive like he thinks…. but rather adding it to the lineup of PC and maybe still the Vita… I can only hope this is the case, as this is a game I have wanted since it was announced, much less announced for us in the states.

Still, at the very least, we have evidence something is moving forward and the project isn’t dead. Here’s to hoping we hear more soon. Fingers crossed everyone… let’s hope MS doesn’t make this a bumpy ride for us all.

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