From the “wtf, how are you so dumb?” files: People Petition to get the Old Xbone back

Did you have to read that title a few times? Cause this is no joke. Right now on, there is a petition to get Microsoft to return the XBone’s policies to require always online and be exactly what it showed itself to be during E3. Those same policies that caused hard-core followers of the Microsoft machine to stream away to pre-order PS4s, and even trade in their 360s to get PS3s in protest, are being requested by petition.

And it’s not even a small petition. As I started writing this, there are over 10,000 signers, and at least 20 more have signed up! Deadly serious about that, and I think right now we need to have a chat.

Look, guys, I know the internet is a place where like-minded people gather, get more intense among their own, and spout shit that is clearly retarded to the rest of us. I see it all the time, and on any of the sites I travel to. There is always a click that is absolutely dumb as shit to the real world, but in their little spot, they are god who are always right. But at least in those cases, we can point, laugh, and move on.

This, hopefully will be the same, as people would have to be retarded to want to bring back the policies that make a machine basically have all the weaknesses of a PC, but absolutely none of the benefits. What’s the point in wanting this? But sadly, it seems like in the gaming world, companies are starting to pay attention to petitions like this. Anyone who is a fan of Dark Souls knows this. And they are not the only gaming company actively asking fans to make a petition to show them if they want their game on platform X, Y, or Z now.

I can only hope that MS isn’t listening. This is the kind of excuse they need to say “well, let’s give them what they want” and the idiots who want it effectively ruining everything for everyone.

Never underestimate the strength of stupidity in numbers…. and in the 20 minutes (at the most) it took me to write this from beginning to end, I've seen the signature total jump almost over 100.

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