Last Week Before Extra Life!


We are now in our last week before the big event, and now it’s time to bring in the as much as we can for the event. But it is also time to explain a little bit of our plans. As with last year, we will be broadcasting via Ustream and you are welcome to watch us play as well as comment. However, since last year we have had the good fortune of upgrading the laptop doing the recording so it can actually run descent resolutions without overheating, so we should be able to broadcast in high def.

And we also now have a list of games to expect. Of course no list is final as we can be persuaded mid-day, but since Blizzard and Trion have been so kind to the Extra-Life event, we will be planning on some Diablo 3 and Defiance.

But now is the time… let’s get our last efforts in and use this to do some good for the kids.

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