Extra Life Update: 6/8/14


As time ticks on, Extra Life will only slowly make it’s way here. Remember, on October 25th at 8 AM, the real event begins, and the gamers take to the net raise money and help sick children around the globe in a no-holds-bar 24-hour gaming marathon. All kinds of games will be played and enjoyed while all kinds of cash is raised to help these children.

While this year got off to an early start, we are right now at the point in the year when traditionally the date would be announced and the Extra Life website would have gone up for the new event. With this in mind, the cause has gotten a head start, as we have now collectively raised over $183,000. But there is still a long way to go, and we at the Red Sector want to do our part.

To this end, if you have been with the site for a while, you know we are running a raffle for steam games based on donations to our page. If not, well, this is your chance to find out! Come on in and see the details!

In order to try to help the kids, we are running a raffle for a bundle of games that has slowly been growing as the months went on. If you want to try to get these games, you basically need a Steam account (since that is where all the games are, but you can get that later) and an email you do not mind us seeing on our donation pages of this event. It should also be noted that these games were bought on the US Steam store, so if you are outside of the US, you are taking any risks of the games being barred from your country (or being unable to accept that version). I am sorry, but we can not break the rules Valve has set for us.

With this in mind, the process is very simple: make a donation to a Red Sector team member for any amount you like, allowing us to see the email you enter. Every $5 entered will count as one chance in the raffle. When the thermometer on the right side of this page reaches $100, we will close off the raffle and set a date.

On this date, we will role a 20 sided die against the list of entries and whoever’s is selected will get the full list of games. They should appear as Valve announcements in the email provided to us with the donation.

Please keep in mind, we are going to $100 for this, but any donation without an email is not an entry, so as we stand, there are now only 15 spots left. Also keep in mind, this is for our audience only. We will not be sending these to our writers.

So this all sounds good, but how do you donate? Well that’s easy. That same thermometer includes a button that says “Make a donation.” Clicking on it will bring you to the team’s Extra Life page, which in turn will let you pick a member to donate to.

And as for the games, well, I have already revealed a large number of them in a few previous posts, but we have a final couple of titles to add to the list today:

  • Cthulhu Saves the World/Breath of Death VII
    • From Zyboyd games comes a dual pack of genuinely funny retro-style RPGs. There really is very little to remind you so fondly of the old days of playing Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior on your old NES as a child, but redesigned to streamline and the process, prevent you from getting yourself stuck in a stupid situation cause you ran out of an item, and a sense of humor that will make you crack up from time to time. These are games that, while small, I would recommend they go into everyone’s library to be played through and enjoyed.
  • Avernum: Escape from the Pit
    • On the complete reverse side of the spectrum, we have Avernum: Escape from the Pit. For those who remember playing classic D&D RPGs on the PC like Eye of the Beholder, this is a game for you. You will be placed in the role of an exiled man who for their crimes have been thrown into an underworld full of danger and adventure. Your ultimate goal, escape in this turn based and lovingly detailed classic styled old-school PC RPG.

And with these two titles, I believe we have finished growing this bundle as much as we reasonably can. Please feel free to try your luck to win it in the raffle, as doing so will only help the kids with your donations.

Thank you.

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