Extra Life 2015


Yes indeed, it’s time again to announce our participation in Extra Life once more! If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know we have been Extra Lifers since this site was founded, and if you are a friend of mine personally, you know I’ve been one since it was founded by Doc of Sarcastic Gamer fame. Back then, it was touching to be part of such an endeavor, but over the years, it has only grown and become humbling as well.

But for those of you who have not felt the touch of this awe-inspiring event, what is Extra Life? Come on in and have a read about one of the best things I have ever had the honor of getting involved with as a gamer.

Extra Life began as a tribute by Doc, one of the main hosts of Sarcastic Gamer at the time, to a young girl who lost her fight to cancer. Back then, it was not nearly as big as it is today. It was one website getting it’s users together to help a single hospital in Texas in the name of a young cancer victim who lost her fight earlier that year. Her name was Victoria, and if you want to hear her story, the video in the Extra Life Story page of the event’s site is a proper tribute. I recommend you all watch.

Since these humble and humbling beginnings, Extra Life has done nothing but grow and expand and show the absolute best of our community, as we had record breaking year after record breaking year. Now as we enter our 7th year, we have already raised over $14 million for children’s hospitals around the world via the Children’s Miracle Network, and this year is looking to do even more.

Which leads us to the next question. How do you get involved? Well there are a few ways. First and foremost you can join the event as I have and personal recommend all gamers with the time an ability to do. Despite what you read in the headlines, things like this are exactly why I know we as a community as force for good in this world, and believe me when I say there is nothing more amazing then seeing your efforts pay off like they do year in and year out in events like this. Joining up is easy. Just make your way to the Extra Life website, sign up, and start collecting donations for the kids. Then on November 7th, join us as we all play together in one epic global event in celebration of what we as gamers can do for others. (Alternate dates are ok as life happens… yep, that means this is effectively a multi-weekend event.)

And of course if you can’t or for some reason do not want to join in the fun directly, you can always help by donating in the name of those who are. If you wish to help us, for example, clicking the thermometer icon on the right-side of this and every page on the site will link you to our team page. From there, clicking on the roster will let you pick a player and donate through them to one of the hospitals we are playing for.

Which reminds me, I personally really liked being able to give away games over this last year, so another raffle is happening this year. The final layout of games has not yet been set, but so far, the following will be in the bundle (all through Steam):

  • Descent 1-3
  • GhostBusters
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  • Shadowgate (2014)
  • Uninvited (Classic)

More news and games will be on the way as well as how to enter the raffle (hint: you will need to allow the person you donate to to see your name), but I couldn’t wait to reveal some of the plans we have gong on. See you soon and thank you for listening.

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