Extra Life Update II


Extra Life 2015 draws ever nearer and with it, one of our best chances we as a global community of gamers has all year to do some real good for those who really need it. And we here at the Red Sector could not be more excited. This will be the first time we will be having a live gathering of between members of the site and friends who are ready to spend the night to eat, drink, and game to raise what we can for those who need it most. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Like I have said previously, Extra Life is a fund-raising event in which gamers from around the globe do their best to bring in as much as they can for the various hospitals of the Children's Miracle Network, and finish the drive with a 24 hour gaming marathon, many of which stream for their sponsors and fellow gamers to join them in celebrating just what this community is capable of doing for those around us, and here at the Red Sector, we welcome you to join us.

As someone who has been lucky enough to be part of the Sarcastic Gamer community back in 2008 during it's golden age, I was also lucky enough to be able to participate in this event since the very beginning. Back then, this long-life of the event was not the concern so much as to try to help the sick kids who were needed it in the Texas Children's Hospital in the honor of one such child, who had recently lost her fight with cancer, Victoria Enmon. It was truly heart-wrenching to hear "Doc", the owner of the site lose it and breakdown on the main podcast of the site when she passed away, and a no-brainer to join in and help these kids out as soon as the event was announced, and collectively, we broke $100K for the hospital.

But the idea sparked here could do nothing else but grow, and by 2010, Doc changed careers from a radio host to join the Children's Miracle Network and got them involved, allowing gamers to now support local hospitals to them, and help even more kids who truly need it. Since then Extra Life has gone on to raise over $14,000,000 for these hospitals to date, and we are already set for yet another record breaking year. I say we because both once again the Red Sector will be participating, and we invite you to join us.

Obviously, first and foremost, if you would like to help us help the children, we are making it as easy as we can to do this! Thermometer picture to the right of this very article (and every article on this site) will link you directly to our team page in the Extra Life site. Once there just click the Roster tab and choose who you want to donate to directly. Each of member can choose to back a different hospital, so please feel free to look around (the hospital is shown on the right of their individual page). Once you've picked your player, click the Support Me button to make your donation and help the children.

But in addition to this, you might want to ensure the member of the team you donate to can see your email, because just like last year we are holding a raffle to give away a whole bunch of games to those who do this. Every $5 donated will count as a ticket and we will be giving away the whole batch of games during the big gaming night. For a full list of the games we are giving away as well as seeing these instructions, please see our previous update.

And finally on Nov 7th, it appears we will for the first time have a full house here at the Red Sector Homestead, so while we will be streaming as we have the past few years, we are looking to go back to the old school camera as well for some in person game time. Most likely this will include games like Cards Against Humanity and Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator in the mix, so come on in and have a laugh with the rest of us. Hope to see you there!

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