Gamers Are Going to Have to Step Up 3: Fear of Bad Press

I really wish I was done writing these kind of articles, but as always, the SJWs who control the websites I have yet to go back to made it necessary once again. You see, as much as #Gamergate has been going on for over a year now and even won it’s major objectives (how many sites now don’t have a ethics policy?) there is still an ongoing culture war over video games. Looking over stories in the past year, you can see signs of it in things from forcing a joke on a random gravestone in Pillars of Eternity to be changed, to Lionhead Studios being forced to apologize for an image from Fable to being on their website YEARS LATER, even just the announcement of Final Fantasy VII being remade being enough to get demands for Tifa to get a breast reduction before we see any art work, but just a teaser at E3.

And while I personally just don’t care about any given individual instance here, I do find myself getting pissed off at the whole situation. These images and jokes are what the developers wanted to put into their games, and I have always gotten rather annoyed when some asshat on the internet could tell them what to do because “muh fee-fees” like a 5 year old going to tell mommy on them. And sadly, the result is often the same. That tombstone joke is now gone. Lionhead actually apologized for showing artwork from Fable 2 for fun when Fable 3 was a memory to most gamers. And while we don’t know what will happen with the remake, I don’t expect their immature cries that the size of Tifa’s chest might corrupt teenage boys or them feel bad because they can’t measure up to a bunch of pixels to go unheard.

Nor are these the only times this shit has happened, (lookup the bullshit around Street Fighter 5 or the soon to release Xenoblade Chronicles X), but overall this is trivial and more annoying because it’s bending to people who haven’t matured past their freshman year of high-school then any real importance. We are still getting the games intact and, especially in Nintendo’s case, they have always changed things for the West to match what the culture expects, so… annoying but whatever. We still get the games after all… well… not anymore.

On Tuesday, we found out Dead or Alive Extreme 3 is not being brought over the Western World. Now, before I continue, I understand that many games don’t make it over for one reason or another. Max laments the lack of Super Tyson Robot Wars on these coasts, but we both understand this is due to copyright issues as the cast of these games are made up of various giant robot animes where getting all the copyrights in line to port the game to the US would be an outright nightmare. And we only got the 1st Person 2 in the US a few years ago, most likely because the idea of two “part 2s” was considered too confusing for the west where the series had a solid but niche following. But these are not the reasons we were given for DOA’s spinnoff game to not make it over. Hell, we were not even given lack of expected profit, lack of resources to localize it, or even a simple “this is our game and we just don’t want to do it.” as a reason. What we were given was a directed finger at the way the SJW gaming media behaves over how women are shown in games. Yep, we now have a game that will not show up in the USA because of internet bitching over the costumes and combat moves of Bayonetta, the nuns in a HItman trailer, the size of Tifa’s chest in a game not yet shown to us, and the rest of the immature puritanical SJW storm that makes up the gaming media.

“Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you.”

Now for all of those who ask if I would buy this game myself, I have to say “no” without hesitation. It’s not my kind of game. But here’s the thing… I’m not everyone and it’s not by my tastes that a game’s shelf-space should be decided. In fact, it shouldn’t be decided by anyone’s individual taste as there will always be someone who wants to play that game you or I do not. So to see someone’s choices limited because the people writing for gaming websites either are so weak and pathetic that they can’t stop trying to measure themselves up against polygons displayed on a screen OR get uncomfortable with the imagine of imaginary pretty girls on the same screen is just aggravating and proof of the damage these mental midgets do.

But I wouldn’t have included this topic under this series if I wasn’t ready to act on my own beliefs that the market, not some jackass at Gawker, gets to choose what games make it and what games fail. I was ready to find and share links to buy either Hatred or Revolution 60 when I wrote about this kind of crap possibly happening to those games months ago and neither game was ever on my radar personal radar either. (In fact extending this courtesy to the latter game is something I do begrudgingly, but my values about the medium come before my feelings about the author or content of any given game.) And with that in mind, since the game is only available by import, I’m including a link to where you can import it on Play-Asia. So if you are so inclined, you can reach the Play-Asia store page for the game here.


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