Buyer Beware: The Case of Smash + Grab

Well this was sudden. Last weekend United Front Games was posting a free weekend for their early access game “Smash + Grab,” a game that looks to be a MOBA based on rioting. This is not my cup of tea so in all honesty, had things gone as everyone expected, I would not have noticed anything.

But this morning, I was greeted by a tweet about how people will have to question if they can get refunds for something. Looking into it for curiosity, I came apon this story… before the free weekend was officially supposed to end (which included a discount on the game if you wanted to play longer), the studio was closed and Steam ceased selling early access copies of the game. People who just bought the game this morning, could well be shit out of luck.

This was a bullet I not only dodged, but was in the wrong city to be hit by, but it is something to be aware of. After all, in this story, we still have no real cause (although people have claimed this had nothing to do with the game), only that people got a few nights at best of entertainment before a game they spent good money on before no longer being able to play. This is a warning to everyone. Early access can be a good thing, but it can also be risky, as you never know what will happen with a game until it’s out and ready to be owned in it’s entirety. This may in fact be a worst case scenario for many gamers who despite the short time being able to play, may not be able to get a refund since they played over 2 hours. In essence they have been ripped off.

And before anyone says it, I'm not here to point fingers. We don’t know what happened. The studio has not officially said anything and the ONLY reason we know it’s closed so far is a tweet from the producer who regrets losing her job like this. There is al of unknowns, and if I find something I will tell you… but I will say this. Be careful out there in the early access world. There is never a guarantee what you buy will ever become a full game… or in this case, even last the night.



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