First Impressions: Twisted Metal (PS3)

On an impulse, last night, I went into the PSN store looking at demos. I didn't expect much (I tend to find new stuff on Tuesdays), but I saw the demo for Twisted Metal ready to go. Thinking fondly of the days gone by when my brothers and I would be with extended family playing Twisted Metal 2 on PSX Christmas morning, I decided to download it. Sadly, any impressions of goodwill from those old days were gone before I was even done training.

Think about that for a second. Twist Metal, a game known for driving around an arena and shooting the shit out of other vehicles to the heavy metal music, needs a tutorial to teach you how to use the controller. Now, I was ready to forgive this, until I started playing this "lesson." Basically, it makes you do everything your car can do three times in a row so you "understand" how to do it. What it made me understand was just how cumbersome they have made the controlls.

Back in the day, you had steering, gas, a break, a shoot, and a weapon change. Now you can add a quick turn (nice) and about 5 new weapon buttons, four of which are the rocker switch so you cant really steer and use them at the same time... nice job Sony... REAL nice (ok, Im ending the sarcasm now). Add to this additional weapons requiring short key combinations (so your car is now doing Hedow-kens) and you are starting to get the picture of how cumbersome they have made their franchise.

Sadly, I never made it to play the actual demo. The tutorial turned me off just by how your car is controlled. And on my first impression of Twisted Metal for the PS3, I simply have to say take the "detour" around buying this game. You won't want to waste your cash.

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