We will NOT submit (to N4G)

This is not going to be a review so much as a rant and a promise.
As I explained in my profile, I write for FrontTowardsGamer, and Im proud to do so. In fact I would like to take this chance to personally thank PureDarkness for bringing me onboard as a contributor and to Shanghai Six for making me a full member. You guys rock, and because of you Im part of a group that I find great to work with AND I've for the first time seen something of the behind the scenes for sites like this. It's been a great trip so far, and the Red Sector does NOT mean it's coming to an end.

But at the same time my time here has shown me a darker side of the business. In order for a site to succeed, it needs to get attention, and one of the biggest ways to do this is a little site called N4G. The problem is that they are not so small. They are community run, and any member of a community can get pissed at anyone else and report anything for any problem at any time for any reason. In short, the site is full of egotistical fucktards who do not need to give a rhyme or reason for disqualifying pages they do (outside of a generic reason in the report). In most cases, it seems big stories get reported as duplications, an accusation that to the best of my understanding is supposed to be for people who copy/paste stories from other pages... in short PLAGERISM. What it seems to be used for is some asshat who either is tired of seeing everyone talk about the big story (read emo-fuckhead) or perhaps wants less stories about it so theirs is more important (read egotistical asshat).

But they sure as hell have impact on the users who approve said articles, regardless of if they approved before or after. To have an approval on something with a complaint means you can no longer help approve stories so people can get their word out, further causing damage by the emo-fuckheads and egotistical asshats that run rampant through the community.

We here at the Red Sector can not approve of this. So while we are looking into ways to project this little piece of web, N4G will not be our way to do so. Im sorry, but we can not approve of the whims of the interwebz asshats dominating who even gets seen BEFORE who is trusted. It is not our way, and we stand staunchly against it.

Thank you for listening,

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  1. I must agree with all you said. I just experienced the true nature of the Staff on the site. Very unprofessional!