Ubisoft… actually… learned?

This morning while scrolling through videogame news, I saw something that nearly made my jaw drop…. according to IGN, Ubisoft has pulled a 180 on their stance of DRM, choosing to back off from their current draconian ways of requiring a constant connection while playing their games. This is indeed big news to anyone who has tried to play their games right after a Steam sale (it never works cause their servers are flooded).

Rather, it seems uPlay has been morphed into a service much like EA’s Origin in which your account is linked to the game for activation, and you go on playing without worrying that a bad connection will kill your game literally in the middle of your final swing before a boss is defeated. As shocked as I was to hear this from the same guy who a few weeks ago was claiming the platform needed such DRM cause games get pirated at a 95% rate, I have to admit, I was pleased to see this was nothing more then a final tantrum before giving their paying customers what they want and have been very vocal about…. DRM that isn’t unreasonable to said paying customers.

If they can build their name back up now in the PC community, I will have to say “good job.” It’s a daunting task, but not impossible. Just ask EA. Good Luck, Ubisoft, and God Speed.

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