Happy Birthday to Us!

Yep. It’s true. As of this weekend (Friday, to be exact) the Red Sector is 1 year old! And we have already done a lot of growing. As I keep saying we are far from done changing, and in fact we have a few changes brewing as we speak right here and now. Expect to see them soon. But what else has changed? Well, why don’t you come in and see.

When I first started the Red Sector, it was just me and a need. At the time, I was a reviewer for a very nice and still young site called Front Towards Gamer. And for the most part, I was happy being a member of the team, but something was somewhat off for me. Front Towards Gamer is actually a really good site, and I recommend you check it out, but as a site, it’s pretty much dedicated to the new games coming out. As someone who has a huge backlog of games and likes to write a review for whatever I just finished playing, I felt limited in what I could put up, and the need for a new home for the older games gave way to the creation of this site.

Sadly, this placed me in a tug of war between two sites, and soon lead me to leave FTG. No hard feelings, and in fact I still turn up to read them once in a while. They had at least 2 other PC game reviewers when I left so I know they were well covered, but now I could bring my full attention here, and that is when activity started to pick up.

Since then, we have had 70 articles and over 2500 views for our debut year. We have had many reviews spanning this generation and the platforms of it, and it seems more of my readers take interest in the Dr. Who titles then any others. We have added a second writer who has several reviews for the 360 waiting to be posted and who has helped refine the site to include a standardized review system and will have his next review bring forth one of the newest changes to the site.

We have tried our hand at editorials with some success and had the high note of the year (personally for me) when we were part of the Extra Life charity event’s biggest year to date, broadcasting various games we were playing throughout the day, and we have every intention of being back there for 2013.

We have also made some adjustments to how this site runs. Recently, we have added a rating system as mentioned earlier, which we will be using from now on. We have taken to collecting our own screenshots for PC games, and started to advertise our website via links to Reddit. No we do not use N4G still, and I still do not wish to. (Bad blood from my days with FTG.) But we are still always looking for sites that want to carry our stories and reviews (provided they want to give us a link).

And finally, we are looking to expand our crew and our scope! Im still not sure how I want to go about this, but, if you have ideas, feel free to message. Any experience to get traffic to websites would be a big plus, as I have not been an insider to how these sites work for that long.

Overall, this has been a very busy year, and a rewarding one… and we have only just begun.

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