…..Once Again, Jim has it right

And I need to share it. Watch this video…. and pass it along (video after the break if you want my take on it):

Now do not get me wrong… I'm actually still a big supporter of the ACTUAL F2P model. In the right hands, it is still an amazing thing. I mean, all you need to do is look to SOE and their use to turn around DCUniverse Online and their newest game, Planetside 2 with the plans they have to push it even more… no that is not a finished product, but then, if they have their way, it never will be. And let’s not forget everyone who is waiting eagerly for PSO2 to finally hit stateside, a game that everyone I’ve spoken to (online or off) who played it in Japanese has loved it.

I’m also not really against DLC for that matter. I love it when a studio revisits a world they made and gives you that much more detail in which to revel. It can be a truly great thing.

But when you have publishers who are actively abusing these things (or morphing them into something new like Fee-2-Pay, as Jim has been quoted saying), they really do start to suck. And this video includes a number of the abuses going on…. even if Jim oddly forgot to include Azura’s Wrath, a game Capcom made that basically plays itself, looking more like a 24 episode anime series then a game… and then left out the last 3 episodes demanding you pay more for them as DLC.

Now, what do we do about it? I’m not honestly sure. I think the only thing we can do is warn each other from the obvious cash grab, and not buy DLC we think is not worth the price… even if it means we don’t get that full picture. Time to show a little willpower….

Oh, and don’t worry about a crash. This time, we as gamers wont suffer so much… indie developers have shown they can do some amazing things, and if the big guys fall, they will take their place… and now with the big guy’s budgets as we buy their products without the blockbusters taking the stage. (That is not a threat, EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Nintendo, and Bethesda. It’s a promise. We are gamers. We are your audience. We can not be replaced… but you can.)

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