Extra Life Last Minute Raffle GameNight!

UPDATE (11/17/13): As of this morning, the $4,000,000 mark has been met! This event is still on and we ask anyone interested to donate, but congratulations to the Extra Life charity! As of now the total is double last year! Let's see just how far we can take this!

If you have been following us on our facebook page, you already knew we were planning to do this. But for those who did not, we are simply not done with Extra Life this year. With the goal of $4,000,000 raised this year in not just striking distance, but casually swatting distance, we wanted to step up and do something extra cool for the event. To this end, we will be streaming one more gamer day, and while this is not a 24-hour marathon, we will be raffling off a prize or two. Interested? Read on for more details.

On December 7th, we here at the Red Sector will do a streaming day of gaming again to further assist in the fund raising side of Extra Life. We will most likely be playing out the rest of F.3.A.R.’s co-op campaign, but this part of the plan is both unimportant and could easily change, both as we feel and as requested in the chat-room that will be included with the broadcast. What isn’t going to change is the part we want to do for you for helping us do our part and help the kids. This time, we will be having a raffle with the results decided live on the stream. The rules are as follows:

1) In order to enter the raffle you need to donate to our team on the Extra-Life.org website. In addition please be sure that you use a valid email and keep “Allow participant to see my e-mail address” checked off. Should you win the raffle, this email will be how you receive your games.

2) Every $5 you donate will grant you a raffle entry. This can (if you insist) be in $5 intervals, but if you decided instead to lump it together, you will get an entry for each $5. For example, a $20 donation will get you 4 entries.

3) You have until the 8:00 PM (eastern time) on December 6th to enter the raffle. At that time the list will be finalized so we have time to take it down and setup for the raffle.

4) These are PC games bought on the US version of Steam. We are not responsible if the game doesn’t work, be it because of your location, not meeting the game’s requirements, or really any reason at all.

When we do the raffle we will be dividing up the entries into lists of twenty and setting up a “tournament” style setup where a D20 roll will decide each winner and the winners move on to the next round. For example, if we have 40 entries, there will be 2 lists of 20 setup and a single die roll deciding who “wins” each list. Once we have those 2 winners, the same die would decide the raffle winner by an even-odd roll.

And as for what will be available? Well, that depends on how many entries we get. We have setup 2 bundles to be raffled and the plan is simple. We are starting off with a single bundle to be raffled, containing the following games:
  • Talisman: Digital Edition
  • Unepic
  • Damned
  • Paranormal
Should we reach $100 in raffle entries (that’s 20 entries), we will unlock a second bundles and include the details on it. If this doesn’t happen, you can expect the games to be stored away for the 2014 Extra Life.

And with that, we now invite you to participate! Join us and help us bring one last push to Extra Life 2013 and the kids who we are trying to help! Thank you so much, and get ready for a fun night.

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