Extra Life Marathon report Part 1

And as Sunday morning rolled in, the Extra Life main marathon drew to a close. I must apologize now for not updating right away, but between schedules and finally needing to sleep, I simply was incapable of writing. Still, it was a great time to be had and I simply hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did… oh yeah… and the BIG important news of the night:

As of now, Extra Life has brought in $3,600,211!!!!!

A big congratulations are in order for all the gamers who participated. For a more detailed report of the night, please read on:

In addition to this total, the big buzz of the the event was the Diablo Challenge. Blizzard back in September and donated $120,000 to the cause telling the guys who run this marathon to use it as they see fit to get the most impact for the hospitals out of it. As a result, 3 rewards were handed out last night to 3 hospitals who had the best fundraising. A round of applause to the winners:

  • Most Raised total: Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland ($196,671.52)
  • Most Raised per Capita (local residence): Cildren’s Hospital of Illinois ($0.08089)
  • Most Improved: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (raised 615.99% of last year’s total this year)

Sadly, there was also one bad story that darkened this year that we also have to reveal, though. Apparently, no matter how much good you are doing for the world, there is some asshat who will want to ruin it. At four different times during the marathon when donations should be at their highest, no one could donate a penny. Extra Life was DDoSed. What this basically means is that someone on the web got a ton of machines requests being sent to the website server all at once, preventing anyone who legitimately wanted to be a part of this event and put money to the cause of helping sick children were unable to do so. Needless to say, they failed spectacularly, as we have now broken last year’s record by another $1,000,000 or so, but to think that there is some miserable little dick out there who has nothing better to do then to try to stop a fundraiser running around the globe is a little saddening.

Nor can his attempts even begin to stop even this year’s events. Extra Life is still taking donations and will be doing so till Dec 1st. Please feel free to give to the cause still, and stick around for part 2 of this report: the first hand view from those of us here at the Red Sector.

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