Mother Nature: What a Bitch

If you are like me, then you decided despite expecting (and getting) a VERY lack-luster show, to watch the VGX awards…. and then you were floored by the announcement trailer for a game called “No Man’s Sky.”

Courtesy of Hello Games. (They made it and are making the game, after all.)

Well, the game has been well under development and that video was all in game, but we may all be crossing our fingers for the guys behind it, as they may well be underwater… literally.

Last night,  PCGamer posted from their twitter feed as the dev studio commented about the flooding of their offices. From reading the tweets, it appears there is a LOT of damage and a lot of things were lost, most seriously their computers used to develop titles. Here’s to hoping these guys can get back on their feet before too long. After all, if you can be funny when watching your office just about literally float away, especially as a “holiday gift” from nature, we will certainly all miss what your (rather twisted and exceptionally good humored) mind can come up with.

Source: PC Gamer: Joe Danger and No Man’s Sky devs suffer Christmas Flood

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