We are Curators!

If you play PC games, it’s almost a given that you have at least heard of Steam, and if you use Steam, I do not need to tell you about their updates from last week. For those who are not however, last week went by with absolutely awesome updates for it’s users, the biggest one in the software being a built in MP3 player so you can supply alternate music to any game you have without a second program running anymore.

But for those of us who use Steam as a store or want to help other find great games, Valve has re-built the store page itself and given users the ability to become “curators.”

Now what is a curator? A curator is a person who can offer their own personal list of games they recommend others play in one easy convenient place, including a blurb on the game (like a tweet, about 150 characters max) and even a link to a full review completely away from Steam’s pages. The only catch to this is that you need to have a Steam group to do this.

Suffice it to say, we meet that requirement, so we would like to to take advantage of this. The cream of the crop in PC games you can get on Steam that we have played will now be listed in our own curator page. You can see the games we recommend above and beyond by either clicking on the Steam Curator link in our pages list or by clicking here. Hope you enjoy and expect the list to grow as time goes on.

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